April 2020
AHSM Challenge Winners!!
Congratulations to our Cleveland Clinic AHSM Challenge Team for coming in 3rd place in this years Adventures in Heath and Science Medicine Challenge. The challenge this year was to follow a Cleveland Clinic fictional patient named TJ who loved to play soccer and was diagnosed with asthma. During the eight week study, all participants meet different medical professionals and learned about different careers in the medical field. At the end of the study of TJ, the participants were met with a challenge of creating an innovative idea of how to help TJ with his asthma. The Warrensville AHSM Team created a product known as The Asthma Preventative Patch (AP+Patch). This innovative idea was created to help TJ with his asthma and also allow TJ to play sports with out any problems. Please watch the video link to see their Pitch Commercial that was created for Cleveland Clinic. Tiger Paws goes to our AHSM Team for a job well done!

Tiger Paws Goes To:
Kayla Bohanon
JeNyla Cannon
Aaliyah Whitman
Trinity Kelly
Taylor Chapmon
Timothy Norris
Edward Johnson
Terence Hill
Alaynah Burns
AHSM Team Leader: Mrs. T. Clark
A Futuristic Way To Learn During the Coronavirus Pandemic
During our unexpected break in the education process due to the Coronavirus, Ms. Turner and Ms. McKeller have connected with their students via Google Hang Outs and Zoom. Using these educational connection features via computers and cell phones, allowed the students and teachers to continue the educational process during our pandemic shut down. Thank you students for continuing the educational process and thank you teachers for trying a new and futuristic way to reach our students. 

  1. Check your Google Classrooms for work assignments
  2. Remember to work on your educational packets and email your teachers with any questions.
  3. Use Remind 101 as a platform to text your teachers with questions and concerns.

Keep Learning during this turn of events!!!!

Youth Literacy Program
Select 8th graders participated in an eight week Youth Financial Literacy Program. During the eight weeks scholars, learned how to write a check, the importance of earning and saving money, how to perform mental math when receiving change, and many other life skill facts in order to become a responsible adult. Thank you to Mrs. Cline and Mrs. Clark for gathering the 35 select scholars every Wednesday for eight weeks to meet with the Youth Financial Program Leaders. At the end of the eight week program scholars were rewarded with real money to save, a pizza and chicken wing party, awards, and a $500.00 check donated to Warrensville Heights Middle School.

Special Thanks to Leaders:
Mike Howard and Marty Scott

Visit the website for more information
Culinary Club Soon To Return!!
Where the Heart Is Culinary Club
A message from Chef Veronica, Mrs. Dunning and Mrs. Clark.....

We miss each and every scholar that was a part of our culinary club before the unexpected break. Your culinary skills were great and the food was tasty. Culinary Club will start up again as soon as the school year resumes. Please remember to see your culinary advisor upon returning to school.
Remember to continue to eat healthy and make food look pretty!