1. What is your current occupation?
I’m a Positive Psychology Life Coach specializing in relationships which is a long way to say I help people, primarily women, who are struggling in their relationships find happiness so they can love their relationship and life. My clients tend to fall into one of 3 buckets; committed to their spouse but feeling unhappy (feeling unfulfilled, negative cycles in their relationship that keep playing out, etc.) and want to do something positive about it to increase their happiness and bring fun and intimacy back. Many women are privately asking themselves the question “should I stay or should I go?”, which is a really tough and often scary question to answer. The third bucket are women wanting to recover and thrive after the end of a relationship. Ultimately I help women look at what they want in their primary relationship so they can feel great and love their life. Couples coaching is another part of my practice which is an awesome alternative to traditional marriage counseling. One of our primary goals in couples coaching is to make improving your relationship fun and something to be proud of. We don’t dwell on what’s not working, instead we focus on creating a relationship that feels great for both.

2. What do you love most about your job and why?
I love when my clients start to view things differently and realize the power they have to improve their life. It’s amazing to be part of someone’s shift from internally struggling to feeling great about themselves. I’m always inspired watching them thrive and lead happier lives.