As a supporter of the Union County Foundation, you have made one impactful 2023! You understand just how much is required by an individual to make a true community impact. We think you'll be proud of your current Board of Directors and staff in how we are following your lead and taking big steps towards the future!

I'm inviting you to take advantage of an offer you can't pass up!

Lilly Endowment Inc. is matching gifts made to UCF Unrestricted Grants fund 2:1 through its latest initiative GIFT VIII!

When you donate $1, we will match it with $2!

It's as simple as...

$1 You Donate

+$2 We match


=$3 You Triple your year end giving!

For any $1 given to any of our unrestricted funds it will be matched with $2 immediately! See our list of unrestricted funds below;

  • Bath State Bank Unrestricted Funds
  • Eunice E. Dare Unrestricted Fund
  • H. Edward Woodruff Family Unrestricted Fund
  • UC Foundation Community Impact Fund
  • Miles Family Unrestricted Fund
  • J's Dairy Inn Unrestricted Fund
  • Max & Dorothy Bertch Family Community Endowment
  • First Merchants Bank Unrestricted Fund

You never know how your gift will matter, but we guarantee it will be beneficial to your county! In fact, without you, we wouldn't be where we are today as an organization or as an impactful leader in the community!

Donate Now!