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Wow. September. I cannot believe September is here! The kids are officially back in school and fall is quickly approaching. This month's newsletter has some great tips for the new school year and other great information. Hope you enjoy!
Back to School Hacks

With a new school year under way and three kids, I am constantly looking for ways to be better organized and make the daily routines smoother and simpler. I came across FIFTEEN awesome hacks that will be sure to help my family and I have an extremely more organized, smoother school year. These were my favorites:

  1. Color-coded clock: color code on an analog clock the time allotted for certain activities, so it both helps kids with scheduling and learning how to tell time
  2. Designate a special folder for all parent-teacher correspondence from permission slips to progress reports to any other communication between you two
  3. Keep track of hair ties by keeping them together on carabiners
  4. Organize assembly-line lunches to speed up the lunch-packing process and prepare your kids to transition into making their own lunches with labeled bins of nonperishable lunch items on the pantry shelf
  5. Plan a week's worth of outfits on a hanging organizer, labeled M-F

Check out all fifteen here at Good House Keeping !

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