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In reflecting on the past sixteen months, my mind unfailingly returns to a family of thoughts: a greater appreciation for the importance of public schools; the godlike status of teachers (If we don’t get it now, we probably never will); and, how not even a world-wide spread of a new disease can knockout the unconquerable love of mothers/women. As I get closer to the end of my career in school-community engagement, I am absolutely in awe of what mothers and other women do when it comes to survival and overcoming hellish obstacles.

As we attempt to make sense of the past two years and the lessons learned, it is our hope that we remember to think about a framework for fair conditions for learning as we prepare to re-engage in August. All of us associated with student success will need to place students at the center, and to surround them with a caring community that provides the support each student needs to overcome their particular academic and non-academic challenges. This is about community, a feeling of fellowship with others, in good and bad times, perhaps especially bad times.

We salute Guilford County Schools and the many “communities” that have stepped-up on so many levels. We salute our Board of Directors, Advisory Council, supporters, donors, partners, and volunteers that continue to rise to the occasion. Finally, I acknowledge our “A-Team” that labors valiantly in the trenches of students’ lives which too often resemble pandemic-like conditions even before COVID-19.


Jimmi Williams
Executive Director
Mentor Spotlight

Kameron Horton and Jim Wooten met back in the fall of 2011. The two were paired as mentee and mentor.

This June, Kameron graduated from Piedmont Classical High School. Kameron’s post graduate plans are to enter the work force and eventually attend GTCC for Culinary arts.  Read about how and why Jim wanted to be a mentor to Kam!
CIS Class of '21!

Class of '21! We are so proud of you! What a journey! We are so happy for you, and proud, and excited for your future! Congrats!!

Here is a highlight of some of our graduates this year!

Alumni Spotlight: Hershel McNeil Class of 2001!
Hershel McNeil graduated from Smith High School in 2001. For three years, he participated in the Communities In Schools (CIS) program at Smith. Jim Kelley, former district manager for Duke Power, mentored Hershel for three years; Rinda Estes served as his site coordinator...
Donor Spotlight!
The Lauritzens!
Why do John and Marilyn Lauritzen donate to Communities In Schools of Greater Greensboro?

"A community can make no more important investment than in its children. Communities in Schools is focused on enhancing children’s lives by supporting and guiding them toward high school graduation. It is a brilliant and efficient process which takes advantage of volunteer resources wherever possible. We have complete trust that our contributions to Communities in Schools of Greater Greensboro will be effectively and efficiently used to better our community through our children."
Your Donation Now is More Important Than Ever!
Go to Communities In Schools of Greater Greensboro today and help students!

Donations may also be made by sending a check to Communities In Schools of Greater Greensboro, P.O. Box 1347, Greensboro, NC 27402-1347. 

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