March - April Newsletter 2021 -
A Message From Our Executive Director
How many students in general and CIS participants have gone missing during the pandemic? Bellwether Education Partners estimate that approximately 3 million students of the most educationally marginalized students may have been missing from school since March 2020 when the pandemic forced school closures. This is a question that weighs on the hearts and minds of those who labor in the trenches of students’ lives to enhance the odds that they will stay in school and graduate. They have not and are not attending classes and are most likely among those who have fallen behind the most. Even after the pandemic ends, how many may never go back.
One of the reasons this is so pertinent to those of us who serve in student support services and dropout prevention is because attendance, or lack thereof, is one of the top three reasons that students offer for dropping out of school. And has been documented repeatedly, one of the worst things that 99.9% of students can afford is to drop out of school, especially low-wealth students for whom school represents their best chances of ending poverty in their families.

We applaud the efforts of our school colleagues to return to in-person learning and to tackle the jaw-dropping loss in learning, especially in math. We would like to add that this goes beyond buildings. For many low- income and other students, the pandemic has worsened inequitable learning conditions and living conditions. Many of the students we serve must also address inequities in food, housing, etc. To this end, we promise to continue to offer whole- child support that meets students’ needs outside the classroom: access to food, health, care, afterschool programs, counseling, and housing/job referrals for parents and guardians.

Meanwhile, we urge all to keep the faith. We will all be stronger having dealt with the battles presented by the pandemic.


Donor Spotlight: Family Affair!!!
It is a true honor to be part of such a great organization and its guiding mission. The moment I became a member of the Communities In Schools Greater Greensboro team, I was able to witness firsthand the passion, dedication, commitment, and hard work that goes into the development of our children. When our children develop so does our community. For me, it was a no-brainer. GIVE!...
Student Success Story!
Recently, Summit Rotary selected Dudley and CIS student Charnasia Webb as one of two recipients of their February Student Improvement Award, presented monthly to two middle or high school students who have demonstrated significant improvement in academics, behavior and/or attendance despite obstacles that many of us could not imagine. The award also honors students who have overcome personal obstacles such as a personal tragedy, the divorce or loss of parents/guardians, pregnancy, a disability, or sickness, or speaking English as a second language...
Staff Spotlight!
Gwen Harrelson March 20, 2000 - Present
She is the heart and soul of our office. A warm welcome falls from her lips on all visitors and callers to our office at 122 North Elm, Suite 301. A god-fearing woman who takes great care of the nitty-gritty details, she also prays for our well-being and success for kids and families.

She has been with us for 21 years as of March 20, 2021, having been introduced by a former staff member who belonged to the same sorority as her daughter. She does everything from meet and greet to pay the bills, keep up with income and expenses, file, get ready for the annual audit, track payroll and Functional Allocation of Staff Time (FAST), etc. Almost everyone would agree that her most endearing quality and contribution is her ability to make everyone feel special.

Every staff needs an angel. She is ours, and it gladdens our hearts to say it is so.
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