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Understanding business meal and entertainment deduction rules
The last few years have afforded quite a few changes in how the IRS allows businesses to handle meal and entertainment costs in relation to their taxes. This chart will help guide you on the 2021 rules. Take a look.
Congratulations Marilyn Long! 
On June 4, 2021, Marilyn will be retiring after 28 years of service to Payne Nickles & Company. She has handled many duties over these years, finishing up her career as the administrative assistant for the Sandusky office. 
Marilyn and Mike, her husband of 41 years, are excited to have more time to visit their 3 children and 8 grandchildren, as well as travel. She’s looking forward to taking a cruise in the near future and is thankful to be able to spend time assisting with the care of her mother.  
The staff of Payne Nickles & Company congratulates Marilyn on her retirement! Thank you for your service and loyalty to our company.