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What's new at Body Yoga??

Autumn has well and truly set in! It may be tempting to stay at home but remember our studio is always set at the perfect temperature for you, the students. Autumn is the time when trees let go of their leaves and maybe.. for us, this is the  perfect time to let go of what no longer serves us and set ourselves up for the cooler months ahead! 

In this month's newsletter we welcome another new teacher to our Body Yoga Family,  there's a new beginners and a new meditation course coming up. We also continue our feature of talking to one of our teachers about themselves and the style of yoga they teach which will give you an opportunity to learn more about us and what we do. This month we feature Anna and talk to her about Restorative yoga, it's benefits and what makes her so passionate about teaching it, so grab yourself a warm drink, make yourself comfortable and enjoy!

We hope the space at Body Yoga  continues to give you a place to retreat to, somewhere you can let go and find peace and stillness within yourself,

Love Karen and the team at Body Yoga x

May Workshops and Events!

Free Ayurvedic Talk with Dr Madhu

This Thursday we have our free talk with Dr Madhu who is passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge in all things Ayurveda!

Ayurveda is the ‘sister’ science to yoga so if you've ever been curious about Ayurveda, its benefits and applications come along this Thursday night!

When: Thursday 4th May 8.00 -9.30PM

Investment: FREE! (Bookings essential) 

Book online now!

Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Therapy Meditation!

Benita is coming back for another special night of relaxation and healing with Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Therapy Meditation.
Crystal Singing Bowls are a form of vibrational healing used to fine tune the body frequency for healing and mental and emotional balance. 

Instructor: Benita Davis. 
When: Thursday 11th May 8-9pm
Investment $30  

These sessions are always popular so we suggest booking early!
Beginners Yoga Course

Have you (or someone you know) always wanted to bring Yoga into your life but not  sure where to start? Maybe you have been away from yoga for a while or would like to simply refine your own Yoga practice and make sure you are doing the postures correctly for YOU and your body?

Then join our 5 week Beginners Yoga Course and go back to basics and learn the foundations step by step in a supportive environment.

Explore the basic tools of yoga.
-Asana (body movements)
-Prānāyāma (breath regulation)
-Meditation (focused reflection)

When: Thursday 18th  May  – 15th June 2017 at  7.45pm – 9.00pm

Investment: $150

Bookings essential! 

Click here to book online now!

Mothers Day - Sunday 14th May!

Can’t think of a Mother’s day present?? What about a beautiful BODY YOGA GIFT VOUCHER for Yoga classes, beginner workshops, Meditation courses … these can purchased at the studio or we can get them sent out to you or Mum!  Also check out the beautiful range of natural therapeutic vegetable soy candles that we have available in the studio. They're made locally (by one of our students) with pure Aromatherapy oils and infused with Crystal and Gem Essence Vibration. They are hand poured and will help enhance any home or work place environment with their beautiful natural scents. 
We love them so much we burn them here in the studio!
June Workshops and Events!

Our next Monthly (drop in) Meditation Class will be held on:
Tuesday  6th June 8-9pm
Investment: $10 (FREE if you've attended any previous meditation workshops this year).
Everyone welcome! Includes relaxation and breathing  practices.

Meditation Four Week Course!
Saturday afternoons!

With Winter fast approaching and the desire to want to stay home at night, we have decided to hold the next meditation 4 week workshop on a Saturday afternoon.... 
Over the 4 weeks we will explore different techniques to help access the power of stillness that comes through a meditative practice. People who practice meditation regularly experience reduced depression, fear and anxiety; a greater ability to relax and enjoy life; reduced experiences of insomnia and levels of stress; improved interpersonal relations; reduced chronic and acute pain and increased inner peace and wellbeing.
No prior experience of meditation is necessary just a desire to find peace in a crazy busy world.
Learn the foundations of Meditation to help you build a regular and successful home practice, step by step guidance with opportunities to ask questions in the company of students on a similar level. 

Date: Four consecutive Saturdays, 17th June – 8th July 1:30-2:30pm 

Investment: $90 for the four weeks
(Please note this includes free entry to all our monthly meditation/relaxation sessions held throughout the year).

Book online now!

Best Year of Your Life Workshop!
As we approach that halfway point of the year, those resolutions and goals we set can become a distant memory. Get back on track and set yourself up for your best year yet! You don't need a new year to start, anytime is the right time!
This workshop will incorporate a yin/yang yoga practice suitable for all levels, meditation, the creation of your own take home vision board and finished with a beautiful yoga nidra to send you home relaxed and inspired!

Date: Sunday 25th June 1-3:30pm 

Investment: $65 which includes all materials so all you need to bring is yourself and a vision for the life you want to create!

All About Restorative Yoga....
Restorative yoga classes offer a range of deeply relaxing postures perfect for people managing illness or injury.  In addition to the potent healing potential of this style of yoga it is a good option for someone who is in need of stress relief or simply looking for personal space to connect with a deeper level of consciousness.  
In this class we use a wide range of props to support the muscles so the poses can be held for a relatively long period of time, from 5 minutes and up to 30 minutes.  The practice is designed to soothe the body whilst opening and stretching with the assistance of gravity.  Stillness with a balance between focus and relaxation can be challenging in this fast paced world.  You will be supported, nurtured and guided with meditation tools to help open the doors of the subconscious mind, balance emotions and renew energy.
Restorative yoga is a perfect counterbalance to our Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and Alignment/Iyengar classes.  It is a deeply calming and tranquil practice. 

Here's a testimonial from a very happy student...

"I have been doing restorative yoga for about 5 weeks. To be honest I'd never heard of restorative yoga before. What I have experienced has been amazing for me.  I actually feel very nurtured throughout this class, which is due to Anna and her gentle manner and obvious knowledge of what she is portraying to students. So easy to listen to. After leaving each class, I  have a feeling of total relaxation, to the point I just float home and all I want to do is to hop into my bed. Very rarely do I feel like this. I can't imagine not having this class in my life. In fact it totally balances my yoga experience with my Hatha class with Karen. I feel very blessed that I am a part of Anna's class".

- Robyn
Change to the restorative timetable in May/June

We are syncing the alignment class conclusion/savasana to flow into the beginning of the restorative class.  This is a bonus for students who like to take advantage of the double class and for students who choose the second class but want to get home that bit earlier.  The restorative class will conclude between 8.30-8.45pm.

Why Change?

You asked and we listened!  Body Yoga students gave us feedback on preference for earlier to bed without missing the restorative class.  This is more pertinent as the darkness increases during the autumn/winter.  The new transition has been well received for our double class takers this week!

How it works:

Attending alignment class only:  you will slip out when the tibetan bowl chimes following a savasana practice.  You will exit leaving your props set up.  Please do arrive early to settle your account, receive notification and have time to settle yourself in ready to kick off at 6.15pm.

Attending double class: please sign in for both classes at the commencement of the alignment class.  You will love this extended and uninterrupted period of deep relaxation.

Attending restorative only: Please arrive at 7.30pm ready for practice (and no later than 7.45pm).  As you enter you will slip into a space where the props have been left for your use and attune yourself to the guided meditation.  Notifications and opportunity to settle your account will be covered at the end of class. 
Welcome to Melissa, Our newest member of the Body Yoga family!
Melissa teaches the 8:30am Saturday Gentle Vinyasa class and we asked her to  share a little more about herself...
" I first discovered yoga in 2000, when I was 18. Over the years my love for the practice has grown immensely and is a deeply rooted part of my daily life.  I’ve been fortunate enough to travel extensively throughout the world which has allowed me to practice in many countries globally, including India, Nepal and Bali. I have learnt from many different teachers who’s teaching styles and practice are unique.  I’ve mostly practiced Vinyasa and Hatha, though also spent time learning the teachings of Ashtanga, Aerial, Yin and Restorative styles of yoga.   

After traveling and practising in Bali I was inspired to complete a Yoga Teacher Training course and share my love of yoga and to give back to others.  It took me a few years to eventually enrol in a course, and I completed my first 200hr Teacher Training Course through Yoga & Integrative Medicine Institute in 2016 and have recently graduated with a 350 hr certificate.

My teaching style is calming, nurturing and focused on the holistic teachings of yoga.  Teaching yoga is complimentary to my full time role working in Community Services - giving back to the community and helping others is my life, on and off the mat". 

You can experience Melissa's classes every Saturday at 8:30am!