November Newsletter 2016
Empowering the Arts ~ Enriching the Community
Notes from the President: 
  • Our membership continues to grow, and is now at 225, which emphasizes our need to be together as artists, and to have our art visible to the community.
  • Town Meeting is Monday, Nov 21, 7 pm, SHS.  Please, please come vote for the Clark Haddad building renovation. The Alliance needs space as do so many groups in town. We missed passing the warrant by 20 votes. Were you one of those absent? We need your support!
  • Welcome to our new Alliance Treasurer Ron Murphy, who is a great addition to our team.
  • Welcome Cynthia McCormick, who will be coordinating activities for the Literary Group.
  • Welcome to Michael Orbison, who has graciously agreed to be our pro-bono lawyer.
  • PorchFest was a wonderful day to enjoy our town, our talent, and each other. Many thanks to Kim Moberg and Diane Scharf for coordination, along with all the musicians and those who donated their porches. Hoping to make this an annual event that grows each year!

Upcoming Events
There is still time to join us for this fun fall gathering at the lovely Dan'l Webster Inn. Remember partial proceeds will benefit the Sandwich Arts Alliance. Donations of artwork for the silent auction were made by Sandwich Arts Alliance members Margo Mancinelli, Bett McCarthy, Mary A. Smith and Joan Crowlety.   To order your tickets  click here.
The Newest Plays in the Oldest Town
Staged Readings of New Works
at Sandwich Library November 17th
The Sandwich Arts Alliance is taking on the role of a theater incubator for writers who might have to wait a long time to be produced in the traditional local theaters.  The opportunity for live staged readings allows playwrights to get early feedback as they refine and rewrite their works. 

These two new one act plays explore both the comic and poignant struggles of dutiful daughters as they try to do the right thing with their parents’ ashes.  Burying a parent is one of life’s most difficult moments but what happens if you can’t decide what to do with the remains or, worse yet, if you can’t find them?

And Then He Was Gone by Karen McGarr Goershel takes a touching look at the tender relationship between a mother and son as they visit a tiny Scottish village to say a final good-bye to “Granda.”

In Lost and Found by Betsy Mangan, the close relationship of two sisters is put to the test as their plans to rebury their mother in a Nantucket cemetery somehow go comically awry.

Carol McManus directs actors Cathy Ode, Karen McPherson and Karen Santos. Visit our website for more information on our playwrights, director and actresses.  
Playwright Karen Garr Goershel
 Playwright Elizabeth (Betsy) Mangan 
Third Thursday at Legion Hall November 17th at 7:00 p.m.
Liven up your week and enjoy the musical offerings of Still Willow. Still Willow is the mostly acoustic singer-songwriter duo of Kim Moberg and Ric Allendorf, who share the role of vocals, instrumentation, and songwriting. Still Willow is influenced by a variety of genres including Folk, Americana, and a myriad of singer-songwriters both old and new. Their original music expresses a sensitivity to personal themes made universal; love, loss, renewal, and celebration. 
What's New
Sketches Premieres on Sandwich Community Television
Thanks to a wonderful collaboration with Sandwich Community Television, The Sandwich Arts Alliance is producing a monthly show titled "Sketches". The show will feature the talented members of our Alliance, events past and future and information about the arts around town.  Tune us in and enjoy the show.

Click here to watch the newest segment.

Alliance Members Around Town
At Fisherman’s View Now through the beginning of December
Maureen Burbic, Michael Helfen, Carolyn LeComte, Kathy Berry, Richard Muccini, Fran Elliott, Tina Trites, Hannah Bouvier, Janet Noonan, Jeanne Bridges, Peggy Richard, Diana Payne, Sue Fellows, Patricia Rogers, Deborah Davies, Rita Bernier, Laura Wing, Carolyn Wiedemann, Marsha Wing, Jamielyn Mosca, Annette McAdams, Patricia Mosca, Jeffry Burr and Kathy Coggeshall. (Artwork pictured here is representative of artists on display.)

Click here our to see where our other exhibits are in town.
"Heron at Mill Creek Marsh"
Artist  Richard Muccini
"Coming Through"  
Artist Laura Wing
  Artist Janet Noonan
"Look at Me"
Artist  Michael Helfen
Sandwich Arts Alliance Member Collects Donations for Pet Shelter
 Collections Gallery, featuring works by local artists and artisans, will hold a Pet Food Collection through November. Bring in food for cats, dogs, gerbils, so that we may deliver them to the group called “The Helping Hands for the Plymouth Animal Shelter” that also serves Sandwich. Every donation entitles you to one entry into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate.  Drawing will be November 30. Collections Gallery is located at 23 Jarves Street in Sandwich.
Encore, Encore!
Fall for Arts 2016 was a spectacular success thanks to the extraordinary collaboration of volunteers, artists, musicians, Sandwich Town Hall and residents of Sandwich. Enjoy these highlights in our new video and be sure to join us next year!                        
Special thanks to Olivia Rowe, Sandwich High School student, for compiling this video for us.                        

Click here to see and hear Sandwich Fall for the Arts Weekend 2016.
Come Feast and Be Merrie! 
Join us for a royal medieval banquet on Saturday, December 3rd from 6-8 pm at Town Hall.

Enjoy a Winter's Solstice celebration with medieval music, skits, and holiday sing-along that will delight the entire family. Bring food to feast on at the banquet tables. Wassail and desserts provided.

Save the date! More details to come.

Become a Member!
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