This Spring, The Medical Society of Tulare and Kings Counties welcomed Steve Seay, a Leadership and Life Coach.

Burnout. Are you burned out? How are you avoiding burnout? Can you recognize the signs of burnout?

By talking to many of you, we found that those signs aren't that obvious. And most of you did not know you were burnt out till you were burnt out. Waiting till that happens, sometimes is too late. The key to successful and happy practices is to recognize them as they are happening or give you the tools to use when you start to notice. Here are some key points to remember:

  • Have meaning in what you do
Why are you doing what you do? Are you taking that moment to remember what helped you decide to be a physician. Allow for positivity and gratitude

  • Plan with the end in mind
What are your goals? And how are you going to get there? Keeping yourself centered on your goals helps you let go of all the added stressers that get in the way. Focus on the things that you can control.

  • What fills you?
Have something in your life that is beyond healthcare and your practice. Allow yourself to enjoy life. Go hiking or running, play basketball or soccer with your children, or go on a regular dates with your spouse. Be happy by being you.