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100's Night and Firstie Room Decorating
The Academy’s 100s Night tradition marks the Friday closest to 100 calendar days from graduation. The night includes a formal dinner where the First Class cadets (aka Firsties) wear Mess Dress and celebrate the approximately 100 days until graduation and their commissioning as Second Lieutenants in the United States Air Force and Space Force. Cadets are also given liberty for the weekend so that the Doolies can decorate their rooms. This year, the Seniors were still able to have the traditional 100's Night dinner and spend Saturday and Sunday nights at Sponsor family homes so their rooms could be decorated.
Harley Morgan and the Second Group Staff
Ryan Clancy and Spence Rohlwing
Jeff Ditlevson and fellow C1C
A ski lift recreated
A certain country song comes to mind ...
Colorado Cadets in Action
This is the place to see the great things our Colorado Cadets are doing!
We love to share the adventures and successes of our Colorado cadets with our members. Please send photos and details of your cadets living their best lives at USAFA, even in the midst of Covid restrictions, to our co-presidents.
Not all of the Seniors were able to enjoy 100's weekend at USAFA -- some of our cadet athletes were out on the road competing.
On 100's weekend, this Colorado Firstie, Scott Johnson, was in Iowa representing the Air Force Track & Field team at an indoor track meet. Scott finished the 3K race in 2nd place with a record-breaking time of 8:06.
C1C Brooke Bruder is proud to be a part of the USAFA Women’s Gymnastics team for 4 years. She served as Co-Captain this year with her teammate Jess Kirkpatrick. Her specialty events are floor and vault. Brooke started gymnastics when she was 6 years old and has been competing for 15 years. The Lady Falcons have 6 gymnastics meets remaining. Brooke is sad to see her gymnastics career come to an end but is ready to give her body a break.
Meet the Board
Each month we are highlighting an Executive Board or Committee Chair member/s so you can get to know our behind the scenes team that is committed to lending their time and talents to supporting the Colorado Parents’ Club and our Colorado Cadets.

This month we are introducing our CPC Photographers, Tom Nieman and Russ Bone.
Tom and Joann Nieman live in Colorado Springs and are the proud parents of C3C John Nieman and his older sister, Lillian. Lillian is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at Wichita State University in Kansas. John is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Nuclear Weapon Policy and another in Space Warfare.
John is on the varsity Cheer Team, although they have had very little opportunity to perform this year.
John also enjoys bringing his dog, Shade, to campus on occasion. This gives Shade an opportunity to meet some new friends and give the students a little dog therapy. Tom spent 21.5 years active-duty Air Force, most of those years in nuclear command and control. He is currently a substitute teacher for District 11 in Colorado Springs. Tom has been a member of the CPC for two years, but this is the first year on the board. Joann spent 20.5 years active-duty Air Force in communications. She currently works in the IT division of American Medical Response (AMR). As a family, they enjoy camping with the motorhome and taking the dirt bikes, four-wheeler, and Jeep out for some backcountry sightseeing.
Russ and Gail Bone are the parents of C3C Nathaniel Bone, USAFA Class of '23. Russ is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker working at a local High School and a local Graduate School of Social Work. Gail is a math teacher at the Classical Academy. Russ says "I've been hooked on photography since I bought a Minolta SRT-201 when I was 19.
I'm excited for the opportunities I get to do some photography for the USAFA CPC!"

CO-PRESIDENTS | Paul and Kathy Puseman ('22)
CO-VICE-PRESIDENTS |Steve and Joy Johnson ('21 and '23)
CO-SECRETARIES| Mark and Christina Coffey ('23)
CO-TREASURERS | Derek and Lisa de Bastos ('22)
EVENT COORDINATOR | Claudia Lawrence ('21)
FUNDRAISING CHAIR | Jane Morgan ('21)
WEBMASTER Donna Bajek ('21