More About That...
I've been sidelined on producing my little notes to you. It's been a wild ride the past few months... I've been going to the Dr myself and having x-rays and scans - basically they all came out fine but the Ultrasound tech mushing the sound head on my large intestine set off a chain reaction of misery. It's all balanced back out now but... Crazy times.

Then of course we had the Snow storm of all snow storms and I spent days cold and unable to do much work... No broken pipes thankfully and the animals and I all made it through just fine. I know some of you had it much worse. But the week gave me a chance to break my addiction to Coke... Then the next week back to work after being home I managed to further break my addiction to fast food and I'm now on a course of treating my systemic Candida using the Life Force Plan by Jeff McCombs. So hopefully you will be seeing me dropping the pounds here soon. I am down 20# though you can't see too much change yet. My cloths are sure fitting better and I feel better.

I got the Pfizer vaccine at the Texas Motor Speedway - very efficient process. No problems whatsoever with shot one. I had a week of arm pain and significant decrease in energy with the second one. I can't say I was actually sick but - not much fun. However as a result I'm putting in a new policy that if you want me to wear a mask - you just have to ask.

In the last - about that - I tried to talk you through a way of getting your mind to be quiet. This month I'm going to suggest you read/listed to a new book on the market by Eileen McKusick - Electric Body, Electric Health. It's available on Audible which I appreciate. Her web site is linked here. I have taken her foundation course and will be taking the practitioner course soon. If you ask - we can do some tuning during your sessions. Once I get fully certified - I will be offering them on the schedule for a full session. The great part about them is you can do them virtually and they are just as effective.

Keeping this one short and sweet as I wanted to get out the information about the hour change and limited time in April. I look forward to seeing you and assisting you with healing.
Upcoming Events
I am hosting Tom Mayes at my place April 8-23 where he will be teaching people to work on horses using cranio sacral techniques. I will have limited times available for treatment during that time. Once appointments are booked - that will be it... Hopefully the weather will cooperate and give us some sunny nice days during the clinic. Looks like leading up to it we will be getting plenty of much needed rain!

The clinic is full. I'm hoping everyone has a great time.

The B-mat and B-sit are back! If you have not checked out Bemer - I highly recommend them for you Health and for you Wealth. I'm looking to add to my team - if you think you might be interested in an additional income source - click on image to watch a short presentation. If you're interested in just being a customer - check this out
Service Spotlight - New Hours
So that I have time to ride my horses in the morning while it's cool... From the end of April to October 1 I am changing my hours to 11:30 - 5:30. I will resume the 9-3 hours for the winter months unless people like this later schedule better... I know some are better serviced by the morning so I will be flexible where I need to be.

Coming soon - video blog with exercises.