For individuals with a visual impairment the world is a blur. Normal everyday activities—seeing faces, reading, shopping, working, traveling—can be a challenge. Low vision impacts quality of life and has been shown to effect emotional well-being. In youth, visual cues can be missed that are important for their healthy social development. One very helpful option to help individuals with low vision see better at a distance and mid-range are miniature telescopes mounted onto eyeglasses called Bioptics.

“Bioptics can open up the user’s world,” says Dr. Scott Gartner, Low Vision Consultant at Lighthouse for the Blind. “I’ve had many patients that could see and do things they had never thought possible thanks to bioptic telescopes.”

Dr. Gartner is most excited about a new innovation, the Ocutech VES Falcon Autofocus Bioptic. “Normally when a user wants to look from one distance to another they must stop what they’re doing to change the focus of the telescope. Ocutech’s revolutionary VES Falcon does the focusing for them, so all they have to do is look. It provides the most natural magnification possible, making bioptics easier to use than ever before,” explains Dr. Gartner.

The Falcon Bioptic Telescope attaches directly to the top of a pair of glasses allowing the user to alternate between their normal vision and the magnified view with just a slight tilt of the head. It is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and operates for up to eight hours using its separate rechargeable battery. Most important, and unlike low-vision aids using virtual reality glasses, it does not cover the eyes and close in the wearer, making its use much more natural. It allows the wearer to make eye contact with friends, family and companions while at the same time allowing them to make eye contact with the user. For more information or to schedule an appointment call Low Vision Solutions at 561-729-7500.