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Summer Newsletter 2016
A beautiful view of Jamaica Pond from a recent BPAR team walk during lunch. 
BPAR Summer Newsletter 2016
Welcome Spring and Summer!

Our team at Boston Post Adoption Resources is excited to publish our second newsletter and even more excited that the sunshine and warmer weather are here. This is the time of year that almost everyone we know looks forward to. Already life seems to feel lighter. Days are longer and having time outdoors can be the perfect beginning or ending to each day.

Summer allows us to slow down and reconnect with the people we care about. We can carve out time to be together. We find the time to do simple things such as make a leisurely breakfast at home, play a board game or take a walk outdoors. It sounds so simple and easy but sometimes it is difficult to make time to slow down and be in the moment. 

Can you designate a day or a morning to 'chill out'? Ask your children or partner to come up with some chill ideas. You might be surprised what they would like to do. During chill time all phones and electronics need to be put aside and turned off. Get some feedback on how everyone liked the chill time. Continue to add to it and make it a family ritual. 

If you are stuck at a job all day can you find a time to sneak in some self-care? Try eating lunch at your desk and saving 15 minutes to go for a walk outside. Connect with colleagues by planning an after work outing such as a group exercise class, delicious dinner, or book club. 

We wish you a happy, healthy and safe summer and look forward to reconnecting with you in the fall! 
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Our BPAR office prides itself on being a resource for all of those touched by adoption. We feel it is important to our community that we are able to provide services and supports.  Our team can help find the answers that your family is looking for. Call or email us for a free consultation and let us help guide you to finding the right path. 

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Congratulations to our former interns!
Stephanie Chin, MSW
Stephanie our clinical intern recently graduated from Simmons School of Social Work with her Masters in Social Work. We thank Stephanie for all of her hard work while interning at BPAR. We wish her success in her next position!
Maya Rogers-Bursen, M.A.
Maya is our former clinical intern who recently graduated from Lesley University with her Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Expressive Art Therapy.  Congratulations Maya!
Adoption Resources You Need to Know About
A Chance in the World by Steve Pemberton 

Jennifer had the privilege of hearing Steve Pemberton speak at an NASW conference 2 years ago in Washington D.C . Steve spoke in depth about his  personal experience growing up in the foster care system. His story is about resilience and the strength to never give up hope. It is a reminder that one person can make an impact on a child’s life. A must read for everyone who believes in the power of courage and the strength to trust that there is a chance in the world. 

Click here to read our detailed review of this book! 

6 Word Adoption Memoir Project
A must watch video!! If you had six words to tell your adoption story, what six words would you choose? This powerful film captures the experience of adult adoptees as they describe their adoption journey. 

Watch the video  here!
Adoption Journeys
Adoption Journeys is a free post-adoption support service in Massachusetts available to any family who has adopted a child! They provide parent and youth support groups, parent and young adult liasons, adoption competency training, respite services and in-home services.  We highly recommend them as a great addition to our outpatient services!                                                  

Call them today at 1-800-972-2734 or visit their website  to get started!   
Jonathan Edwards: Jonny's Come Home
Jonathan Edwards is a powerful singer and songwriter. This song captures his experience of being an adoptee and a birth father. He is a great, positive example of search, reunion and identity.                                  

Click here for a live performance of Jonny's Come Home
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The Power of Words: Being Mindful About Adoption 
Words: simple combinations of consonants and vowels. When alone or strung together, they carry particular meanings, feelings, and knowledge. When spoken, words communicate additional implications because of tone, body and facial language, and context. I don’t believe you have to hold a degree in English literature or Linguistics to know and understand the significance of words. Everyone communicates everyday by using words, spoken or signed, and experiences the emotions and reactions that get stirred up by them...

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