Volume 1 I January/ February 2018
Welcome New Year
Welcome back Foster Change members! It is now 2018 and we are preparing for a year of connections, activities an fun for your family. Plans that we have for this year are to have guest speakers for as many Community Connections meetings as we can. We want to ensure as you are equipped with the information and resources you need if you have licensing renewal coming up. Always remember our helpline is open 5 days a week Monday - Friday from 10-4 pm and the number to call is 702-970-4546.
Foster Parents Night Out
Need a night out? Every first Friday of the month Grace Point Church has respite available. To register please use the link below.

Foster Change Community Connections

A big thank you to Three Square for coming to teach Healthy Cooking on a Budget this month. Families that attended were able to take home a free bag of groceries. Families also had a chance to learn about the dangerous amounts of sugar in food.

To keep up with event sign ups, please follow us on Facebook.

Every third Tuesday of the month is our Community Connections meeting. If you are a member please take advantage of this great support system.
Next month please join us as we listen to Leslie Murdoch speak about "Educational Rights of Children in Foster Care." Leslie has an abundance of information and resources that are vital to making sure your child's educational needs are being met. Advocacy for your child begins with you. Dinner and childcare will be provided.

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4/17/2018 For most of us the holidays were hectic and stressful. To celebrate getting through the holidays, what better way to unwind then a Mom's Night Out Event. If you are a current member there is no charge. If you would like to pay at the door we accept, cash check or credit card. RSVP is required to be on the guest-list for gate entrance.

Note yet a member?

Kids need to have fun and connect with other kids. Please join us or the next " The next Play Date in the Park" which will be held February 25th at 11 am.

The event will be at Aliante Nature Discovery Park. Snacks will be provided by Foster Change.

Please RSVP below if you are interested in attending. During the last playdate, children connected and

This is a members only event. If you would like to join Foster Change please click below.

Licensing Renewal
QPI Training
Did you already take your required QPI Training for licensing or renewal? Here is what you need to know:

New Online Training Requirement for Licensing: ALL caregivers also have to complete two online trainings BEFORE they can be licensed:

Required Training for Renewal Licensing:  All caregivers need to take 12 hours of training to maintain their license after the first 12 months. There are some classes that are required. Here are the classes. If you haven't taken the two above ALSO include those:

*Part 2 is within part 1. Once they finish watching part 1 you will click on part 2 & watch that one & then they take the quiz that appears at the en

Upcoming Training's
The firs Foster Change CPR class will be held on March 17th from 5-9 pm. Learn hands on with this interactive course. The information and material covered in this class could save your life. There is no childcare for this class. To register contact Sandy at
Car Seat Safety Class will be offered on February 23rd from 1:30-4:30 pm. Please contact Sandy to reserve your spot at 702-970-4546. There is no childcare for this class and you should bring a car seat to practice installation
Do you need help with learning better parental strategies? Learn how to deal with stress, anger and much more. A new series begins April 23rd from 5:30-8:30 pm.
Please contact Sandy by calling
702-970-4546 to reserve a spot today. Child care is provided for this class.
Online Training
The Adoption Exchange offers free online training for Foster and Adoptive parents. Please register first to gain access to the online learning. If you already have an account with The Adoption Exchange please log in and take advantage of the free training.

The Adoption exchange also offers a lending library which is an excellent post adoption service. Please click on the link below for more information.

Resources for Children
If you have never had your child evaluated and you suspect your child may have a learning disorder, please reach out to Child Find. This can assist you with putting an IEP in place at a young age. For many of us that struggled to get an IEP for our children, this is a great resource.

Do you have an open CPS case? If so, the Foster Parent Champions may be able to help you with information about your case or they may have tips to help you along your journey. Foster Parent Champions are licensed foster parents that have been in your shoes before. They are a great support system and can be reached at 702-455-1149.
Boy Scouts of America is a great way for your child to be active in the community. With Boy Scouts your child will learn responsibility, build character, keep fit . Scouts learn new skills and advance and have the opportunity to earn up to 130 badges. To learn more please visit the link below.

Girl Scouts is a great way for your child to become active outdoors and learn about science, life skills and entrepreneurship. Girls Scouts have the opportunity to earn badges for various activities including selling Girls Scout Cookies. This is also a great way for girls to be social, meet new friends and learn and maintain healthy relationships. For more information about a troop in your area please click on the link below.

Do you have YMCA Membership?
If your family is a member of YMCA there are family night activities you want to consider. Below are links to flyers for the Centennial Hills YMCA.
These events include Family's Night Out, Parents Night Out and much more. Some events require memberships and some are offered at a low cost. Check the YMCA in your are for more details. Below are informational flyers specific to the Centennial Hills YMCA.

Sandy Vargas | Foster Change | 702-970-4546 | sandy@fosterchange.vegas | http://www.fosterchangecc.org/