April 2018
Welcome to the April Foster Change newsletter. Foster Change is growing at a rapid pace. We are so pleased that you have joined us as part of a group of people that advocate for children in foster care. I would love to hear your opinion on what kind of speakers you would like to have at the monthly meetings or what kind of events you would like to see in the future. Please email me your suggestions to sandy@fosterchangecc.org
Enjoy a Night Out
Grace Point Church Church provides free respite care every first Friday of the month. Grace Point Church appreciates the opportunity to help Foster Parents take a little break to catch a movie or go do something fun with their significant other. For more information please contact:
If your family is a member of The YMCA, there are great activities and events to consider.
Events include, Family's Night Out, Parents Night Out and much more. Some events and activities require memberships and some are offered at a low cost. Check the YMCA in your area for more details. Below is an informational flyer specific to the Centennial Hills YMCA.

Foster Change Community
Children in Care Need You!
A physical visit is required the first time to fill out paperwork and establish yourself as a patient. Having access to a doctor with a mobile device is amazing for me.
Community Engagement
Greetings from the Spring Celebration
We hope you enjoyed the Spring Celebration this past month at the Links for Life Park, it was a good turn out. We face painted over 50 kids and were able to provide baskets for the children who attended. `I had an opportunity spend time with our board member Morgan Couchman of Foster Connect. For those of you who do not know Morgan, she runs Foster Connect by herself. She is an amazing person with a powerful mission to help children.

I am so happy to have connected with some of our existing and new members of Foster Change. If we did not meet, my name is Sandy Vargas and I manage the Foster Change Program.

I am happy that you have joined and I am currently in the process or sending out your membership cards. Please look for your card in the mail in the next two weeks. If you do not receive it please contact me at
702-970-4546 or email me sandy@fosterkinship.org.

Foster Change Events
Mom's Night Out
This month we will be meeting for Mom's Night Out for our monthly in lieu of the monthly support group meeting. If you have not registered already please be our guest. The event will be hosted by board member Donna Smith. You must be on the guest list for entry access to the event location.

Snacks will be provided but there is no childcare for this event.

Contact Sandy at 702-970-4546 or email me at sandy@fosterchangecc.org

Playdate in the Park
If you have not had a chance to join us for a Play Date in the Park we will be having another event on April 29th from 11am to 1pm. We will be meeting at Aliante Nature Discovery Park 2627 Nature Park Dr, North Las Vegas, NV 89084. If you would like to attend please email sandy@fosterchangecc.org or call 702-970-4546. I hope to see you there.
During our May Community Connections Meeting we will be welcoming Melinda Rhoades from SAFY. She has worked for SAFY for 14 years and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Melinda will be giving a brief intro on how trauma impacts our brain and the lens through which we see the world.

This Community Connections Meeting will be on May 15th from 6-8pm at 4344 W. Cheyenne Ave, North Las Vegas, NV 89032. To sign up please contact Sandy at 702-970-4546 or email me at sandy@fosterchangecc.org to register for the event. Free dinner and childcare is always available at our Connections Meeting.
Training and Renewals
Service Spotlight
Did you already take your required QPI Training for licensing or renewal? Here is what you need to know:

New Online Training Requirement for Licensing: ALL caregivers also have to complete two online trainings BEFORE they can be licensed:

Required Training for Renewal Licensing:  All caregivers need to take 12 hours of training to maintain their license after the first 12 months. There are some classes that are required. Here are the classes. If you haven't taken the two above ALSO include those:

*Part 2 is within part 1. Once they finish watching part 1 you will click on part 2 & watch that one & then they take the quiz that appears at the end.
Car Seat Safety Class will be offered on April 24 from 6-9pm. Please contact Sandy to reserve
your spot at 702-970-4546 or email sandy@fosterchangecc.org. There is no childcare for this class and please bring your car seat to practice installation. If you do not have one you will be able to practice with one of ours.
The firs Foster Change CPR class will be held on May 22nd from 5-9 pm. Learn hands on with this interactive course. The information and material covered in this class could save your life and has a value of $50.00 per person. There is no childcare for this class. To register contact
Sandy at 702-970-4546 or email sandy@fosterchangecc.org
Resources for Children
Boy Scouts of America is a great way for your child to be active in the community. With Boy Scouts your child will learn responsibility, build character, keep fit . Scouts learn new skills and advance and have the opportunity to earn up to 130 badges. To learn more please visit the link below.

Girl Scouts is a great way for your child to become active outdoors and learn about science, life skills and entrepreneurship. Girls Scouts have the opportunity to earn badges for various activities including selling Girls Scout Cookies. This is also a great way for girls to be social, meet new friends and learn and maintain healthy relationships. For more information about a troop in your area please click on the link below.

Boys & Girls Club was established so that kids would have a safe place for recreational activities where they could develop and grow. This is a place where children can feel like they belong. This is also a great way for kids to interact with other kids and make new friends. Boys & Girls Club hosts events such as Boys Night Out, Girls Day and they have athletic activities. If you are interested in joining please visit your nearest Boys & Girls Club for pricing and member information.

If you have never had your child evaluated and you suspect your child may have a learning disorder, please reach out to Child Find. This can assist you with putting an IEP in place at a young age. For many of us that struggled to get an IEP for our children, this is a great resource.

Boys Town is a great resource for family's to use if you have a concern with behavior. Boys Town will do home visits up to 5 times per week depending on the need. If you would like a referral for services please me at sandy@fosterchangecc.org.
Foster Connect is a partner of Foster Change. Foster Connect helps with emotional, spiritual and practical support. Foster Connect has monthly meetings and can assist with some resources such as school supplies and gently used clothing. If you would like to volunteer, donate items or are in need of services please contact Foster Connect .
Thank You!
A Special Thank You!
A big thank you goes out to Denise Parker of the Department of Family Services. Denise is a big supporter of Foster Change and we appreciate all she does for us. Thank you Denise! We also would like to thank the resourceful Foster Parent Champions for all they do.
Sandy Vargas| Foster Change | 702-580-8717| sandy@fosterchangecc.org| www.fosterchangecc.org