COOS NEWS May 13, 2021


Upcoming Dates

  • Saturday, May 15th Volunteer Day!
  • Sunday, May 30th Confirmation Sunday 10am!
  • School closed, Monday May, 31st Memorial Day
  • School picture days:
  • Pre-K: Hummingbirds, Sparrows & Chickadees June 2nd
  • Mockingbirds, Robins and Blue Finches June 3rd
  • Sunday, June 6th, New Member Sunday!
  • Seven Marches, Church Leadership workshop: June 11 & 12.
  • Friday, June 18th Father's Day Sing! On Facebook time TBA
  • Last Chapel of the preschool year: Mockingbirds
  • Pre-K Graduations
  • Friday, June 25th (school closed except for grads)

9am Chickadees

10am Sparrows

11am Hummingbirds

You are now allowed to invite people outside your household, not to exceed 6 total in your whole seating party (not including your graduating child). Please let Ms. Beverly know in an email if this changes your RSVP total. Winners of the "front row seats" from the silent auction will have a few additional seats. Again please let Ms. Beverly know the total. She is renting chairs for this event and needs an accurate count. Thanks!

School Closed for cleaning and summer prep: July 1 & 2

Closed for Holiday July 5th

First day of Summer Fun July 6th!!


COOS Volunteer Day


May 15th 8am to 12pm

Please let Ms. Beverly know if you are able to help!

This volunteer day is for adults only (this time), we still aren't allowed to "mix" children according to the latest health guidance's.

Volunteer jobs including:




Putting together the pergola.

  • Make sure if you are sending lunch boxes now or backpacks, they need to be washed daily. If you cannot wash them daily, we are still requiring disposable bags. Thank you for taking this seriously!

  • New sign in out system will begin Monday, May 17th. The morning sign in 8am-8:30am will stay the same. Unless you have a family emergency, please arrive no later than 8:30am. Arriving later than 8:30 takes a teacher out of the classroom after the daily activities have already begun.
  • To make the 12:30 pick up a little quicker,/ smoother, we will have 5 sign out stations (you will see the teacher there with the clipboard). Sparrows and Chickadees will line up and sign out in front of the Chickadees class (room 5). Hummingbirds will be outside their class door (room 4). Mockingbirds will sign out at their door (room 3). Blue Jays and Rosy Finches line will be at the playground gate. Robins will be outside their green double door (Room 1). Please be mindful of the children who are not being picked up are getting ready for nap and some have fallen asleep already. Please keep distance in line. Please be careful of others coming and going. Anytime there is a change like this, it will take some getting use to.
  • The 4:30-5pm pick up will be in the same stations. Please come down inside the campus, not the parking lot.
  • If it is necessary for you pick up at a different time, for example from 1pm-3pm, the teachers take turns taking their lunch breaks at this time. Please email Ms. Beverly for the gate code. We will ask you to come in to your child's classroom door for pick up during 1pm to 3pm. Please be very quiet because the children are sleeping at this time.
  • Thanks!!