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The Philadelphia Summit and March 

for a Clean Energy Revolution, July 23-24 , 2016

Clean Energy Summit - July 23, 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Don’t miss this all day Summit on Saturday, July 23!  National speakers will be here and workshops from each endorsing contingent will be held at the  Summit for a Clean Energy Revolution  at the Friends Center, 1501 Cherry St. Philadelphia, PA 19102.  Hear leaders in the Faith community, Peace and Justice movement, Health, Law, the Clean Power Plan, fracking, and social media with in depth education on these key energy and skill building areas.   Dr. Poune Saberi, PSR Philadelphia President will be speaking during the workshop on climate justice.

March for Clean Energy Revolution - July 24, 12 noon, City Hall ( )
With the eyes of the world on Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in July, thousands will march on  Sunday, July 24 from City Hall to the Liberty Bell, to speak out about the connection between wars and climate change and the need to develop a clean energy revolution.  The contingent’s demands listed below will be presented directly to our current and future national leaders:


There will be several contingents at the Climate March on July 24 (look for sign to find your group.  See below map) including:

Health Contingent:  Meet at the end of the first block.   Wear your white coat, scrubs, etcEveryone else is encouraged to wear red.

Philadelphia Contingent:  Meet at City Hall Courtyard

Peace and Climate Justice* contingent 

Faith contingent


20/20 in 2016

As all eyes turn towards Philadelphia next week for the Democratic National Convention, we at Physicians for Social Responsibility maintain our focus on public health, public policy, and the well-being of our environment.
It is time for our nation to enhance our vision.

While many of our supporters, students, and Board members plan to speak, educate and march, we at PSR are proud to walk the walk.  And we could not do it without your wonderful support.

We want to reach a new goal of $2016 donations from e-subscribers by July 31st.
We want to increase the number of people supporting PSR’s long-term work with public health and amplify our democratic voice now in Philly and beyond. 

At PSR we know that health problems do not necessarily have easy solutions, nor can we easily identify the core problems. 
Multiple factors affect our health, and PSR continues to be committed to addressing primary and secondary factors affecting the lives of individuals and communities.

Please feel free to give on a sliding scale according to your budget, $16 - $2016.
Thank you for your generosity.

PSR Action Updates:
PSR recently received a grant to educate health professionals across PA about the health impacts of oil and gas development.  
  • We cosponsored a Southwest PA Environmental Health Project conference in Pittsburgh on June 10th on shale gas, fracking, zoning, and communal health impacts.  For more details, see
  • PSR launched its Summer Work Ready Program with 35 teens to teach civic engagement, vocational skills, and leadership capacity.  Community partners include: Philadelphia Youth Network, Einstein Hospital, courts, WHYY, and more. For more, see our website:
The PSR Speakers Bureau has spoken at approximately 20 events in 2016 thus far. 

With environmental threats, violence, and civil unrest rising, PSR’s mission continues to prove essential to promoting public health and sane societies.

With a small team of committed individuals and a large scope of work, PSR Philadelphia thanks you for your generous gift at this time.

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