Your Gospel Music Tips, News & Updates
In this first issue of our Gospel Music, Tips, News and Updates we feature Kingdom choir who made such a stunning impact at the Royal Wedding earlier this year. No less impress is the very talented music duo- Evans and Purist Ogboi and look out for my gospel music tip which comes from my forthcoming book-'How To Make Gospel Music Work For You.
Kingdom Choir
It's amazing how things come around. What's happening now with Kingdom Choir reminds me of the times in the 1980s when I was managing the Inspirational Choir who was signed to CBS. Incidentally Sony Music bought out CBS in 1987. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony's approach this time round with Kingdom Choir is similar to what CBS tried then. My advice to Kingdom is enjoy the ride and make hay while the sun shines.
Gospel Music Tip
When starting out with your music you should ask yourself a couple of questions. What is the identity of my music? How would I categorise it? It’s no good blindly making a CD, putting it out in the gospel music marketplace and hope that people will find it, like it, and buy it. They won’t if they don’t know what it is, nor is what they are looking for. 
EVANS AND PURIST OGBOI  are two gospel artists who are making an impact on the UK gospel music scene. The music they make is very good, worth listening to and they are one to keep an eye on. I am a big fan and great admirer of them and I’ve said it before that Evans song, ‘Bigger’ is one of the best British gospel tracks I’ve heard in in a long time. Evans has followed this up with an equally good track ‘Chidiebere’ (God is Merciful) which features his no less talented wife, Puri st.