Volume 01 | June 05 2019
Your monthly news & updates
Find out about the latest Emergency Preparedness events and conferences happening in June. Does your facility take Medicare or Medicaid? Our latest Coaching program has you covered for your next survey.
Upcoming Events
Join us at the 2019 Emergency Preparedness Training Workshop at the Hyatt Regency Sacramento. We will be exhibiting June 12th and 13th. Stop by our booth!

Service Spotlight
The CMS Emergency Preparedness Compliance Coaching Program just launched last month. Our toolkit provides you with a customizable template for your business to make sure that you have all areas covered for your survey. We know that CMS Surveys are a stressful time, so we've included one-on-one direct coaching calls to provide you with assistance to pass your CMS Emergency Preparedness Compliance Survey. Visit our website to learn more.
Life Saving Essentials
What You Need to Know about Food and Water
Emergency preparedness, even that of an organization, cannot be deemed complete without a discussion of food. FEMA suggests having enough food and water for each person, ideally enough for up to two weeks. That hardly seems reasonable for an office building or a hospital, but that doesn’t mean the...