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By now you should have heard that the IRS will never call or e-mail you demanding payment for a tax bill and threatening jail. It seems the scammers have  finessed their scheme. They are now e-mailing fraudulent IRS notices (IRS Letter CP 2000) to unsuspecting taxpayers.

At first glance the notice may appear legitimate since it is a real IRS form, asks that checks be made out to the I.R.S. and that payment be mailed to the Austin processing center.  Do not be fooled into parting with your money.

Two things should be noted: (1) payments to the IRS are made to the United States Treasury, not the I.R.S. and (2) the IRS will never communicate with you by e-mail.

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Disaster Planning
Those of us who live in South Florida know that June 1 means the start of hurricane season. While we are constantly bombarded with reminders of preparedness these only address food, water, medications, etc. What about your important documents?

In the event of a disaster the IRS and other taxing authorities may extend tax return filing or payment deadlines, however, you still need to make sure that your personal and business records are available when the time comes to prepare returns.  Record retention is your responsibility.

Technology has made it easier to store and safeguard records which may have been destroyed in the past in paper format. However, the time to take steps to protect these documents comes before disaster strikes. With proper planning you can weather the storm that can hit 365 days a year and whose name never changes...the IRS!

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