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SCSOS Community Update: November 2022

A Message from Superintendent Reusser

October was a particularly difficult month for us here at Sutter County Superintendent of Schools. We lost Eric Pomeroy, an incredible leader, colleague and friend; the community lost a strong advocate for students as well. Eric was a well spring of knowledge when it came to adult education, tri-county ROP and Sutter County One Stop. He was constantly coming up with new creative ways to support students in their education. 

As we move forward from this tragic loss, we will continue to honor Eric's legacy by providing opportunities for students of all ages. We will continue to offer a variety of programs that will prepare high school and adult students to work in our community. 

I am happy to announce that our new Cosmetology Program has been approved by the state. Start date to be determined. Stay tuned!

I would also like to highlight two new programs beginning for adults after the holidays. Our Phlebotomy Technician I class will begin on January 17, 2023. This is a 165 hour class and job placement assistance is available. We also have a Certified Nursing Assistant class beginning on February 13, 2023. For more information, please call Sutter County One Stop at (530) 822-5120.

Stay safe and healthy,

Superintendent Tom Reusser

In Memoriam

Eric Pomeroy 

Assistant Superintendent Career and Adult Education

October 16, 1967 - October 8, 2022

"A heart of gold, a smile of pure joy,

a kindness that extended to all he knew"

Eric's Obituary

News from Shady Creek

“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there’s love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” – Ella Fitzgerald

When it comes down to it, the truth is…. I love every school that attends Shady Creek! I have been accused in the past of saying that every week is my favorite week and there is definitely some truth in that. However, due to the fact that we are based out of Yuba City, my heart does belong to the schools and students that surround that area. Over two years ago when COVID hit the world, it was devastating to everyone, everywhere in every way possible. The Shady Creek program was no exception. During that time I spent a lot of days and nights questioning if we would ever come back and if we did……. what would that even look like? But in all the chaos and uncertainty I was reminded of the virtue of perseverance….the will to carry on. The act of patiently pursuing our goals and remaining steadfast and focused. In all of the efforts to reopen Shady Creek, there most definitely have been obstacles that have challenged us, but together we have overcome. There have been many tests along the way, but we are determined to succeed. This past week at Shady Creek was the ULTIMATE payoff of all of our hard work and perseverance as we welcomed back schools from Yuba City Unified. 

Week #5 of the Shady Creek fall season welcomed back students from Lincrest and Riverbend! I have been looking forward to serving these schools since we reopened Shady Creek last spring……. And I am so happy the day finally arrived. The students and teachers were AMAZING! There was so much joy on campus all week, it was everywhere….. Yuba City kids were finally back at camp! Most weeks it takes a day or two to get the campers to “buy in” to the music and culture of Shady Creek….. these kids were ready to rage by the moment they arrived to camp. That’s the beauty of serving Yuba City students, the Shady Creek culture is already a part of who they are. It’s been passed down from older siblings, parents, grandparents and friends that have attended the program throughout the past 65 years. Just think about it…. Have you or anyone in your family/friends attended the Woodleaf/Shady Creek program over the years? What a legacy! It’s a legacy that I am so proud to be a part of and….. even more proud to keep alive. 

I have decided to attach a photo that is near and dear to my heart. My turbulent home life forced me to move a lot as a child and by the time I graduated high school, I had attended 13 schools total. But, for 4th,5th and 6th grade I was a proud Oakdale Eagle. In my time at Oakdale there was only ONE student that I shared a class with every year, and that student was Lindsay. You may know her as Lindsay Linker, but I just refer to her as “Little Lindsay”. She was a constant in my crazy home and school life and all these years later I am so honored that she is a part of my SCSOS family. Thanks Lindsay for your kindness all of those years ago! 

Director Chris Little (Yeti)

Zakruddin came to the United States in August of 2021 from Afghanistan. He worked as an auto mechanic shop in Afghanistan but has not been able to find employment in the United States. He is fluent in Farsi and was attending ESL classes at Sutter County Adult Education. He found out about the Sutter County One Stop when his ESL class came in for a tour of Job Central. Mohammad Naib, our work experience client assisted with the translations on his intake, follow up appointments and has been a big support helping us communicate with Zakruddin. Zakruddin struggled to obtain employment because English is his second language. When I met Zakruddin, he was in desperate need of job. He was interested in the work experience program and wanted to be placed at the Afghanistan market. Unfortunately that worksite was filled so we looked for other options. He was open to any work experience and we worked with a local car wash to train him at their worksite as car wash attendant. 

He started the work experience program at a local car wash at the end of July. He started off great and really enjoyed his job. Even though language was a barrier, Zakruddin managed to understand the basics to become a car wash attendant and was able to communicate with all his coworkers. His supervisor was very impressed with Zakruddin’s work ethic and willingness to learn. They offered him the position at a local car wash, as a car wash attendant. He also applied to Warehouse Distribution Center to become a warehouse operations employee. He was very thankful for our program helping him gain work experience in the United States which opened doors to other employment and improved his English skills.  

Wayne Osborne

2022 Graduate

Wayne is a 2022 graduate of the Sutter County Adult Education program and now works for Goodfellow Bros Construction Company as an Equipment Operator. Wayne has always known the value of a good education which is something that he has instilled in his own children. He believes in lifelong learning and this is why he wants to continue to pursue his training and is open to new opportunities. Wayne’s best advice to an adult learner is, “It’s never too late to complete your education.”

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