Volume One | January 2019
Hoglund Bus Company would like to take a moment to recognize an individual from our staff who works “behind the scenes” to help make us all successful. This person embodies the spirit of collaboration, support of our customers, and leadership to play an integral role in our growth and ultimately our success.
This years Unsung Hero is Brenda Otto!

Congratulations Brenda!

Her peers had to say the following:
Brenda has helped improve processes, is always willing to work positively across depts. She doesn’t just take “because we’ve always done it that way” for an answer. She seeks to understand why and looks for ways to do it better. Brenda is willing to pitch in wherever she can to get buses delivered and has a positive attitude and genuinely cares about the business, her co-workers, and customers.
IC Bus makes ESC Standard!
IC Bus, the leading school bus manufacturer and subsidiary of Navistar, has made
electronic stability control (ESC) and collision mitigation technology standard on its
CE Series and RE Series school buses with air brakes, making IC Bus the first original equipment maker (OEM) to offer these features as standard on school buses.
IC Bus on the Today Show!
The Today Show reached out to IC Bus about doing a feature on the new safety technology that they now offer as standard on all school bus models - electronic stability control and collision mitigation. Check out this feature by Jeff Rossen that aired on the Today Show!
Upcoming Trade Shows
Don't miss out on this year's bus shows!

MSBA Leadership Conference - January 17 & 18, Minneapolis Convention Center. Bus Booth A

MSBOA Safety Expo - January 25 & 26, River's Edge Convention Center, St. Cloud. Bus Booth 1 & 2
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Thank you for being a part of our monthly email subscription. Below lists new and used bus inventory, service article(s), parts specials and much more. Our sales department specializes in IC and Collins buses. We offer school buses from 10 to 90 passenger, CE (conventional), RE (rear engine), Type A and lift buses. Hoglund Bus can custom build to your specification as well as offer leasing and financing options. Check out our extensive inventory of new and used buses.
Randy Johnson
Randy has been with Hoglund Bus Company since 2000 and is our Northern MN School Bus Sales Consultant.

Cell: 612.850.5839
Doug Erdmann
Doug has been with Hoglund Bus Company since 2002 and is our Metro MN School Bus Sales Consultant.

Cell: 612.756.3335
Kevin Schmidt
Kevin has been with Hoglund Bus Company since 2010 and is our Southern MN School Bus Sales Consultant.

Cell: 612.819.6017
Chris Sexton
Chris has been with Hoglund Bus Company since 2013 and is our Used Inventory Sales Manager.

Cell: 763.203.3886
Direct: 763.271.2974
Brian Watley
Brian has been with Hoglund Bus Company since 2017 and is our Sales Manager.

Cell: 612.940.3477
Direct: 763.271.8750
Parts Specials - 763.295.5103
Our Parts Department carries an extensive inventory of “all makes” products and can supply everything needed to keep your vehicles running smoothly. We also offer daily delivery to local and metro areas in Minnesota. Our goal is to make ordering parts as easy as possible!
Contact us today to place your parts order!
Extends to 4 feet
Part #: 2610XB
$8.99 ea.
Commercial Grade Group 31
Part #: 31XHD
$74.99 ea.
Reduces cold air by drivers feet. Snaps on like a winterfront.
$16.94 ea.
Electric Entrance Door Motor
Part #: 2614984C91
$159.85 ea.


Sizes 20 - 24 inch
$4.99 ea.
Comes with 2 blades & module
Crystal clear automatic heated wiper blades* are the world’s first automatic heated wiper blades. Easy-to-use with no switches required, the complete system turns on by detecting when the vehicle is running and when it is cold outside. The wiper blades quickly heat up to 150ºF, preventing snow and ice from building up on the surface of the blade, thus providing you with a clear view. The heated blades are also more pliable (soft) when it is cold out, which means it completely cleans your windshield when activated.
Parts Sales Team
Jim Lanz
Parts Sales for Metro MN and surrounding WI areas.

C: 763.213.3531
Mick Maher
Parts sales for Northern MN and surrounding area.

C: 612.756.0990
Our Service Department specializes in the repair of medium duty trucks, school buses and commercial buses. We are an authorized Allison, ArbocSV, BraunAbility, Carrier, Collins Bus, Champion Bus, Cummins Engine, IC Bus, International Truck, Glaval Bus, Ricon Lifts and TurtleTop service center. Our technicians are factory trained, ASE Certified, Master Certified and Diamond Certified in order to assist with all repairs and maintenance of your fleet. Our technicians are required to continue with ongoing classes and training.
Tech Specialist, Doug Yager
Doug Yager has been working with Hoglund Bus Company since 2007 and is our Diamond Certified Tech Specialist. Since 1978 Doug has been involved with the repair of fleets and has continued ongoing training to stay up to date with the ever changing industry and diagnostics of Navistar products.
D: 763.271.2982 E: service@hoglundbus.com
Warranty Support:
We invite you to contact our Warranty Dept. with any questions you might have. Contact Eric Farber at 763.271.2978 or eric.farber@hoglundbus.com
Mobile Service Available
Hoglund Bus Co. offers mobile service throughout Minnesota. If you can't make it to us, we'll come to you! To schedule your mobile service appointment, contact Tom Paulson.
D: 763.271.2962
Did you know that Hoglund Bus Company is an Authorized Dealer for Cummins Engine Warranty? This includes all IC, Bluebird and Thomas buses that have Cummins engines.
Allison 1000 and 2000 Transmission Fluid Loss from Main Housing Breather During Cold Weather Operation
Applies To: Allison 1000 and 2000 Transmissions

Description: Transmission fluid loss in cold weather

Symptoms: Transmission fluid loss from breather during cold weather operation

Resolution: When diagnosing transmission fluid leaking out the breather on 1000 and 2000 transmission, first determine if fluid level is proper and dipstick markings are accurate. If the condition persists, remove the fill tube and dipstick. Create a 1.5-2.0mm (0.06-0.08 inch) vent hole through the fill tube sidewall as close to the top of the tube as possible without being obstructed by the dipstick (Figure 1).
Caution: If the transmission fluid level is too high due to overfill, aerated fluid may be forced out through the fill tube or cap vent. Do not locate the fill tube opening near hot objects such as the exhaust system where exiting fluid could create a hazard.

Fill tubes should also be vented below the fill tube seal and main case (Figure 2).

Determine if lower vent is present, and if not, create a 1.5-2.0mm (0.06-0.08 inch) vent hole through the fill tube sidewall 31.75mm (1.25 inch) below the fill tube seal flange. Remove burrs that may damage the fill tube seal.
Continued leaking out the main housing breather after checking dipstick calibration, verifying fluid level, and venting the fill tube indicates an internal pressure loss and will require further investigation.
ISB6.7 CM2350 B101 Crankcase Breather Freezing
Applies To: All Vehicles with ISB6.7 Engines Experiencing FC555 or FC556

Subject: ISB6.7 CM2350 B101 setting fault codes 555 (101-16) or 556 (101-0) may be caused by a freezing breather filter or ice in the road draft tube.
Description: This document informs the field of ISB 6.7 engines experiencing a freezing breather filter or ice in the road draft tube in below freezing temperatures. Oil leaks (at the turbocharger seal, valve cover gasket, and rocker housing gasket) and high pressure crankcase codes will most likely be observed.
FIGURE 1: Condensation on outside of breather.
Ice in road draft tube
FIGURE 3: Sludge on breather cap.
REPAIR PROCEDURE: If experiencing fault code 555 or 556 due to a frozen breather filter or ice in the road draft tube, reference Cummins ® TSB  140017 located on QuickServe Online in the "TSB" tab under the "Service" section, or type "TSB 140017" into the search bar, to find repair instructions.

Warranty Note: The information in this document has no effect on Navistar's present warranty coverage or repair practices, nor does it authorize campaign actions. See Cummins ® TSB 140017 for further warranty guidelines on units equipped with ISB Engines.
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Valid through Jan 31, 2019