March 2019
Your 5 Minute Forestry Update

Fuel Levy Costs
Since April 1st a federal carbon levy has been in place on fuel consumption adding 5.37 cents to the price of diesel fuel. The impacts on harvesting and trucking operations are significant. Forest NB estimates the additional graduated cost over next four year period to be $7.5 million. In addition to this are the undefined impacts on industrial electricity rates and the direct implications of emission pricing on pulp production.

Cumulatively, over the next four years, the direct and indirect costs to the forest sector related to the federal carbon pricing system are estimated to be over 70 million dollars. For a closer analysis read this months WOOD MATTERS blog on the carbon pricing conundrum facing the forestry sector.

$300 000 investment at UNB for a climate change adaptation project!

Climate change and the prospect of changes to forest species composition have captured the attention of policy makers as noted in a recent announcement by the Federal government.

Fredericton MP Matt DeCourcey announced $ 300 000 in funding for the University of New Brunswick towards a climate change adaptation project. The project will study the socio-economic costs and benefits of adapting to climate-induced changes ( for example, drought and wind) in Atlantic forests.

The goal of the study is to help those in the industry and forestry communities plan and adapt to the impacts of climate change. Forest NB anticipates that the resulting work will validate further research funding to implement forest management strategies in particular assisted migration of key commercial species and other at risk species in an effort to address future potential impacts on available wood fiber and forest eco-services.

For the full article click HERE
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Plenty of public support for Budworm Research at Moncton Sportmen's Show
Forest NB in collaboration with the Healthy Forest Partnership exhibited at the Moncton Sportmen's Show on March 29-31. The public event featured fishing and hunting equipment, boats and other outdoor recreational equipment. Forest NB, along with Healthy Forest Partnerships, spoke of the early success of the spruce budworm early intervention strategy. There has been a 90% reduction on required treatment sites for 2019 based off 2018 surveys of larvae. Exhibit visitors, many of them hunting and fishing enthusiasts, were receptive to the idea of protecting forests from budworm but still associated the term "spraying" with other pesticide use. The outreach was viewed as most successful with plans to participate in 2020. For more information on progress of the EIS CLICK HERE.