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For those of you who attended AMO University  at ASCRS in California, now known as "The U," Aesthetics 360 wants to remind you about the FREE PRACTICE CHECKUP that was offered to attendees. The time has never been better to sign up for this practice assessment. Before you know it ,summer will be over and you will be planning to attend the AAO. If we get your practice in the 'queue' now for this limited offer,  we can schedule to meet in person at AAO to review our findings.

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  • Six Interview Questions for finding the right candidate
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Why does a Practice  need a 'Check -Up?'
While managing the day to day activities of a business,  we tend to overlook the 'basics' or the processes we assume are operating as originally set. Without consistently checking and monitoring these areas, before you know it, the processes could break. While some services we offer are necessary from time to time, there are key areas you should always be checking up on to ensure  on- going success. We will teach you how to identify , execute and  empower your team to work together to make the changes that will increase efficiency, revenue and a better working environment. Read what our customers are saying on ' Why to Choose Us?'
  • Diagnose and redefine
  • Permanently Improve Organizational Effectiveness
  • Coach
  • Facilitate
  • Mentor
  • Train
Six Interview Questions for Finding the Right Candidate:
  • If you opened your email to 1000 unread emails first thing in the morning, how would you go about determining which ones to open?
  • If you had to rate risk, patient satisfaction and accuracy, which would you say is most important and why?
  • What is the most interesting thing about you that we would not learn from your resume?
  • What motivates you in life?
  • Walk me through how you would go about  building a model program on how to value members of this team.
  • How do you think this model would benefit our practice?

Stay tuned for our blog series on finding the right candidate

Christine Lapointe
Dry Eye University
Don't miss out on the next Dry Eye University taking place in October at The Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island parkway, Fernandina Beach!
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