Volume 8 | August 2017
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Upcoming Events
Homecoming 2017 
Saturday September 23rd
11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Come join us for a fun-filled afternoon complete with games, crafts, a traveling zoo, soccer game, delicious food and much more! 

Check out our Facebook page for more details.

Mark your calendars for our 3rd annual Legacy Gala where we will celebrate student success, recognize generosity, and welcome new friends.

Friday November 17, 2017


Blue Bell Country Club

Cost per person: $150.00

Staff & Student Spotlight
Mr. Guzman was hired as a personal care assistant in December of 2016. He came with a background of supporting children in educational settings in both Mexico and Brooklyn. His first Pathway assignment, working with a student who was sensitive to voices and loud noises and struggling to stay in the classroom resulted in a successful integration into the classroom in a relatively short time. This young man continues to do exceptionally well. Mr. Guzman’s soft spoken manner, ability to develop a trusting relationship and behavior plan follow-through are having a positive impact. With all of his students, he takes the time to learn their interests and engages in conversations about those topics, guiding them with sensitivity and respect.  

At the close of the 2016/2017 school year, the student he was working with and who was not attending the summer program asked if he could return to Pathway to visit Mr. Guzman over the summer. Clearly he is making a difference in the lives of students and we are so grateful Mr. Guzman is part of the Pathway family.

Aubrey enrolled at Pathway in May of 2015. Over the past 2 years her progress has been remarkable! Aubrey is described by her teachers as an exceptional student with diverse creative talents. She loves to explore creative projects on her own and during her scheduled time in the art room Ms. Donath has given her carte blanche to rummage the art supplies and find materials with which to be creative. She comes up with wonderfully, imaginative ideas!  

Aubrey also loves to sing and has expressed interest in one day being a contestant on the TV show, The Voice . She is very helpful, and has offered her artistic ability to assist in making props for the drama program.  

This summer Aubrey has taken an interest in cooking and is enjoying her time during Master Chef Class. She is excited to try different recipes and has replicated many of the dishes at home. During her Fashion Design summer classes, Aubrey excelled in developing her own sewing projects, such as hats, gloves, scarves and purses. She willingly offered assistance to classmates, who were struggling with learning how to sew.  

Given all her creative talents, there is no doubt she will use her creativity as an adult in a very productive way and offer the world a wonderful piece of Aubrey!

Ms. Elizabeth Hart Promoted to Assistant Principal

Ms. Hart joined the Emotional Support Program as a teacher at the beginning of the 2015/2016 school year with a Bachelor & Master Degrees in Special Education from West Chester University, a Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Principal Certification from California University of Pennsylvania. She also holds a Behavior Specialist License from the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine.   

With her diverse experience as both teacher and supervisor, Ms. Hart acclimated very well and quickly grasped the model used in the Emotional Support Program. Students were always clear on program expectations and respected her leadership.  

During the 2016 school year, Ms. Hart began taking on more responsibilities as requested by supervisors who knew that she was capable of managing them. She supported the school with management of assessments, assemblies, schedules, room changes and interviews for new staff.  She has garnered the respect of her supervisors and fellow teachers and has been someone her colleagues could approach for support in their own classroom, for ideas and direction.

Ms. Hart has proven to be an effective leader and is well deserving of the promotion to Assistant Principal. Congratulations!

Pathway Summer Program Combines Learning and Fun

Students participating in Pathway’s six week summer program were given the opportunity to choose their preferred summer courses from a selection of the following:  

Robotics, Coding, Film-making, Fashion Design, Counselor-In-Training, Tech Fashion, Mindfulness, Bricks 4 Kidz, Cooking: Master Chef, Cooking: Healthy Food/Food Around the World, Creative Arts, Drama, Horticulture, Sports/Physical Activities, Outdoor Adventure, Musicopia, Farm Animal Fun and Language: Spanish and Sign.
Community Partners Volunteer at Pathway

On July 11th six employees from Newtown Square based Optum Executive Health Group volunteered their time doing landscaping and initial renovation for a new classroom. Working along-side of Pathway’s facilities and development teams the group was able to make significant progress in these projects.  Not only did the flowers on campus appreciate the removal of weeds, but the volunteers had great opportunities for conversation to learn more about Pathway’s program.  The conversion of existing space in Independence Hall to prepare for a new classroom required the removal of flooring and ceiling tiles and the prep work that is needed before painting.  Optum volunteers tackled this project with enthusiasm and were happy to facilitate the improvement of our students’ educational experience.  

Optum is a new community partner for Pathway and we are looking forward to further discussion about ways we can collaborate again in the near future.

On July 26th 30 employees from Blue Bell’s Canada Life Reinsurance volunteered at Pathway for the second year. Projects included painting one of the student lunch areas, landscaping and working with the development team in creating a memorable parting gift for our guests attending the upcoming Legacy Gala, scheduled for November 17th. Highlights for the volunteers included visits from students and staff. Those participating in the Sign Language Club provided a friendly gratitude message in sign!  Another student used the Spanish he has learned to say “Thank you!”  Students, who had recently performed in Aladdin, were beaming as they shared their summer experience in Pathway’s Drama Program.

A check for $500.00 was presented to Pathway as the event for the day closed.  The monetary generosity is much appreciated, as is the opportunity to share Pathway’s story with a company such as Canada Life Reinsurance .  It was evident that this company is committed to making a positive impact and each employee worked hard to demonstrate their personal obligation to ‘give back’.    

President, Michael Mulcahy followed up the event by saying, “Pathway is an amazing organization and we are glad we could help you to meet the needs of so many young people.”
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