Ms. Donath started her career at Pathway in November of 1996 and for the past 22+ years she has been teaching both art and music. She was trained in classical piano, plays the guitar and harp. Ms. Donath brought to Pathway a diverse background, including her gift of music, and experience designing watches, jewelry, collectibles and giftware. She has taught in the public school system as well as the Montgomery County Cultural Center.

Along with teaching in the classroom, Ms. Donath has been an instrumental part in the formation of The Pathway Players , working with Drama Coach and Theater Arts Program Coordinator, Pete Pryor, in the production of countless plays over the years. Mr. Pryor says Ms. Donath has been his mentor and credits her as the reason he came to Pathway. He said, “Ms. Donath’s unique, unabashed, unbridled laughter has been part of our rehearsals since the start. She cares very deeply about the students at school and is a natural exemplar of the PATH* acronym. She has given her all to this school and yet still has lots to give.”

Thank you, Ms. Donath for guiding and inspiring students every day to reach their potential. You have certainly made a difference!

*PATH represents the school’s behavioral expectations including: Participate, Accept, Thrive and Help Out.