Ms. Holmes started her work at Pathway in August of 2013 in a temporary Instructional Coordinator position within the Emotional Support Program. In January of 2014 she was offered a permanent position and is currently working as an Instructional Coordinator/Floater, where she is provided the opportunity to work with a variety of students across campus. Her background as case manager at Melmark and as a therapeutic support staff for children with Autism made her a perfect fit for Pathway.

Ms. Holmes is described as flexible, kind-hearted and always positive and caring in her relationships with students. It is truly a gift to be able to understand and develop a working relationship with students she may not see on a consistent basis. Ms. Holmes is known as a team player, who will go out of her way to assist wherever she is needed. The students enjoy working with her and appreciate her calm and welcoming demeanor.

Thank you, Ms. Holmes for being an inspiration. We all appreciate the good work you do enriching the lives of the students we serve.