Mr. Tanney began his career at Pathway in September of 2016 as a speech therapist. Over the past two years he has developed strong relationships with his students, offered to lead the secondary program’s Boy s’ Club and spends time working in the classrooms to support the students and their Speech Services identified in their IEP. He also volunteered to serve on both the FORE! the kids Golf Committee and the 403B Board Committee. Pursuing his education further, in 2017 he completed course work to become a Certified Autism Specialist.

  Mr. Tanney was promoted to the Head of the Speech and Language Department with the start of the 2018/2019 school year. In this role he oversees the speech therapists, provides individual supports to students, and works in collaboration with the teachers to provide social skills instruction. His positive energy and willingness to lend a helping hand is appreciated by both students and colleagues.

Thank you, Mr. Tanney for your enthusiastic spirit and dedicated commitment to the Pathway community.