Fall | 2017
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Earlier this year when Goldman Sachs reported that the opioid crisis was impacting the economy more dramatically than anyone suspected, people took notice. We know the human cost of the opioid crisis: some 90 Americans die every day. And now we’re beginning to understand the economic impact. In addition to the Goldman Sachs report, the scarcity of workers due to the opioid crisis has been the focus of stories in the New York Times and National Public Radio , among others.  

Able-bodied, ready-to-work men and women are challenged to find employment because of drug and alcohol testing and large numbers of jobs in regions across the country go unfilled because people with addiction are unable to pass screening tests. Some employers are in dire need of help and might make the hire anyway, leaving themselves vulnerable to serious problems, but most businesses won’t accept the risk. With evidence-based alcohol and drug treatment, many potential workers could have access to gainful employment.
For the past 40 years, Renewal has been providing treatment services, job readiness, housing and other support services essential to helping people leaving the criminal justice system get back on their feet. In our GETPAID program, a six-month on-the-job employment training program, we’ve witnessed first-hand the many successes that were accomplished by hard working individuals after treatment for their addiction.  

But we’d like to take this opportunity as we head into the holiday season, to share a more hopeful scenario with you. We’re on the path to expand our services through a $20 million “Renewing Hope for Better Futures” capital campaign that will allow us to build a new facility where we can provide enhanced and expanded treatment services for adults, youth and families. A continuum of customized treatment, support and care can and does work. 
We have the track record, expertise and dedication to do this. In July of 2016, we received validation for our efforts from Fourth Economy, a Pittsburgh-based national community and economic development consulting firm, that reported Renewal, Inc. reduces recidivism rates and is saving the Commonwealth and County $43.3 million annually. In addition, the Institute for Research, Education and Training in the Addictions (IRETA) confirmed the efficacy of Renewal’s programs.

You’ll read more about our capital campaign and goals in this newsletter, as well as learn more about the Angel Tree, a holiday event for individuals at Renewal’s facilities. Each year, generous friends and donors to Renewal provide gifts for the children of the men and women in Renewal’s treatment and support programs. It’s a small way we can help create happy and comforting experiences for families that are working hard to be whole again.

There are many ways to give, both big and small, and we want to take this opportunity to say thank you for being a community partner, donor, volunteer or friend of Renewal, Inc. We wish you all the best for the upcoming holiday season.  
Doug Williams
President and CEO Renewal, Inc.

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Angel Tree, a giving tradition at Renewal
It’s been six years since we launched the Angel Tree giving event, where we host holiday celebrations for the reentrants and children of Renewal’s facilities. Individuals, companies, churches, community groups, employees, board members and other partners have donated gifts and money so that the children can experience a happy holiday. We make every attempt to have the parents hand the gifts to their children and special efforts are made to provide presents to children who are unable to attend. According to Angie Longo, long-time supporter and volunteer with Renewal, “What started as a small program at Lydia’s Place grew to include all of Renewal’s programs. We found it was a wonderful way to help reconnect children with their families and provide a warm setting for talk, laughter and making happy memories.”  For staff and families of Renewal, it’s a special time of the year. To give a gift to the Angel Tree, visit http://renewalinc.com/donate/ways-to-give/ .
  Renewing Hope for Better Futures
Capital Campaign Update

Renewing Hope for Better Futures  Capital Campaign activities are well underway as Renewal management has been meeting with elected officials and other representatives at the city, county, state and federal levels to discuss possible funding opportunities. We also continue to meet with representatives of charitable foundations and business, civic, and faith leaders to discuss Renewal's plans and ways that they and their organizations can be involved in supporting the project. 
Stay tuned for further updates about the campaign and the project, and please contact us if you would like to learn more about how you can help.
I’m 55 and you could say I’ve been a hypocrite all my life by not living what I believed in. It led me to abuse drugs and alcohol and to do things I knew weren’t right. While dealing with life as it shows up, I would choose the easy path, not taking anything seriously, being selfless to myself and selfish to others. In the process, I destroyed my health, finances, social life, and ultimately was incarcerated. 
At Renewal, I learned responsibility by learning how to make meetings, keep a schedule and being OK with relinquishing some authority over myself in order to get better. With their help, I learned the difference between good and bad choices. I’ve become a more mature man with a better mindset and attitude toward others. I now have a good job where I work as a supervisor, something that never would have been possible before coming to Renewal. 
What I’d say to others facing similar challenges is that you can achieve your fullest potential but you have to work hard and do more than what’s required of you because you want to, not because you have to. Find something that makes you passionate and gives you purpose in life. If you can do that and be consistent and courteous, especially to others, that’s what true change is all about.  
Last September, members of Renewal’s staff, some of their children and a group of women from the organization’s female inpatient program participated in the Pittsburgh Recovery Walk, an effort to celebrate the different roads to recovery, dispel the stigma of addiction, and celebrate recovery as a positive force in the community. According to a staffer who attended the event, “It was a beautiful day to walk together as a team in support of each other, the community and our clients.” 
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