TrioTel Announces New GM/CEO
Click to read more on TrioTel’s newest General Manager/CEO on the TrioTel Blog
National Safe Digging Month
It's that time of year again! Our reminder to our customers that April is Safe Digging Month. Did you know there are nearly 20 million miles of underground utility lines in the United States? These buried facilities include gas, water, sewer, cable TV, high-speed Internet, landline telephone, and electric. All services that Americans depend on for their basic everyday needs. Unintentionally striking a line can result in inconvenient outages for entire neighborhoods, harm to yourself or your neighbors, and costly repairs. Every digging project, no matter how large or small, warrants a call to 811.
Watch TV Everywhere (WTVE)
WTVE is a FREE service to our TrioVision customers that allows them to view favorite TV programming on devices other than a TV – such as a tablet, laptop, or PC by using an Internet signal. You can also stream shows on your smartphone all day long.
Each TV network makes their own decision about what to make available on WTVE. Keep in mind that network availability is also dependent on your television package subscription. For example, you must be a Preferred Choice subscriber in order to watch the Hallmark network on Watch TV Everywhere.
Do you have an UN-CASHED Capital Credit?
As a customer-owned communications cooperative, TrioTel guarantees the best services and prices. We make it a goal to return profits, or “margins” back to our members when revenues exceed costs. As a member-owner, you are part-owner of the co-op and are entitled to receiving money back through Capital Credit Retirements. Here’s how they work:
Are you or someone you know on our un-cashed capital credit list? Find out here: Uncashed List
April Dates to Note
April 1st- April Fool’s Day- Where did this ‘silly’ day come from?
April 10th- Palm Sunday
April 15th- Good Friday, Office Closing @ Noon
April 15th- Prompt Payments Due (1st-year customers)
April 17th- Easter Sunday
April 20th- Payments Due (1+ year customers)
April 22nd- Earth Day- To celebrate, see some Earth Day ideas and activities.