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Five Things to Protect Yourself from Ransomware - LammTech

In June, thousands of businesses fell victim to a computer virus instigated by hackers who took data hostage and required businesses to pay a fee for its return. It was the second massive ransomware attack this year, after the "WannaCry" ......

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State Fair Community College hosts
Don't Let Your Business Get Hacked Seminar
During the seminar you will hear from a panel of experts such as Robert Lamm, CEO of LammTech about CyberSecurity risks to your business and what you can do to protect your companies most important asset - your data!

12 bad habits that slow IT to a crawl

It's time to face a cold, hard fact: Your IT department is too slow. It's the result of good intentions gone bad, but in business, intentions don't matter. When is IT too slow? Whenever any part of the business has to wait for IT to deliver the...

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Hackers Exploit PowerPoint Files to Deliver Malware

Fortinet security experts warn that hackers are exploiting malicious PowerPoint files alongside recently patched Microsoft Office vulnerability to attack foreign ministries, international organizations, UN agencies, and entities interacting with...

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