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Masses of Common Flaws Crack Open 55% of Corporate Networks

That's the word from Positive Technologies, which found in an overview of security audit findings that critical vulnerabilities were detected in 47% of investigated corporate systems last year.

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State Fair Community College hosts
Don't Let Your Business Get Hacked Seminar
During the seminar you will hear from a panel of experts such as Robert Lamm, CEO of LammTech about CyberSecurity risks to your business and what you can do to protect your companies most important asset - your data!

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What is IT governance? A formal way to align IT &...

IT governance is a framework that provides a formal structure for organizations to produce measurable results toward achieving their strategies and ensures that IT investments support business objectives. The most commonly used frameworks are...

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a little medieval help desk humor
Does your company have an outside IT consulting firm?
No - We have an inhouse person
Listen to Your Network - LammTech

Your network can't actually talk. But if it could, it would tell you that having it managed by anyone other than LammTech is an act of pure madness. It would explain to you that that only experts that are trained and ... Continue reading →

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