December 17, 2018
“Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
In this issue:

  • Headmaster Letter
  • Angel Tree
  • Exam Schedule
  • Our Neighbors
  • Annual Campaigns
  • Community Service Day
  • Yearbook ordering
  • College Counseling
  • Save the Date

This Week and important dates
  • Monday, December 17th full day 3:25 dismissal
  • Tuesday, December 18th half day 12:40 dismissal
  • Wednesday, December 19th half day 12:40 dismissal
  • Thursday, December 20 half day 12:40 dismissal
  • Friday, December 21-No School
  • December 21-January 6th winter break- No school
  • January 7th - 9th Winter Conferences- No school
  • March 2nd Save the Date Basketball Tournament
Headmaster Letter

Dear North Phoenix Prep Families,

Can you believe that the semester is nearly finished? Winter break is just around the corner, and as our wonderful students complete their semester exams this week, I want to express my deep gratitude for their dedication to their studies.

Though it can indeed be stressful, the experience of exam week should ultimately be a rewarding one. The content that we teach--whether that be integrals or  solfege  or mollusks--is inherently fascinating. Nothing that our students learn should feel like drudgery, and none of it is extraneous. The abundant splendor of knowledge shines through in each subject that we teach. In addition, our students face a challenge when they take semester exams, and they learn that they can ultimately overcome that challenge with vigor and perseverance. The storms of life can certainly test even the most experienced helmsmen, and so we want our students to gain experience with the comparatively minor challenge of exam week. In the end, then, we view exams as an act of love aimed at the long-term good of our students.

With Devotion,

Headmaster Weinhold
Annual Campaigns

Dear Families,
2018 is winding down and Winter Break is coming! Now is the time to complete your charitable giving for 2018 and support North Phoenix Prep.

Make or fulfill your 
gift to help cover the gap between what we receive from public funding and the actual cost to provide a Great Hearts education to our scholars.
Make your no-cost  Tax Credit  contribution to support our athletic, extra-curricular, and character-building programs. Anyone who participates in our drive will receive a 
dollar-for-dollar credit  on their state tax liability.
Great Hearts North Phoenix Community Service Day

On January 26 t h , 2019 there will be 2 great opportunities to serve the school campus and the local community. From 9am – 12pm, you are invited to come to the Great Hearts North Phoenix campus and either help with rock/ gravel removal throughout the campus or to help make sack lunches for the Phoenix Rescue Mission. Details below:

  • When: Saturday, January 26th from 9am – 12pm
  • Where: Great Hearts North Phoenix Campus
  • Who: Anyone in the Community willing to help!
  • What/ Why: The rocks around the campus have become an issue for cleanliness and safety. The rock removal project will involve using shovels, brooms and wheelbarrows to collect all of the rocks and gravel around the school campus and disperse them to other needed areas. The plan for the future is to replace the rocks with pavers or turf. The sack lunch project is to benefit the Phoenix Rescue Mission which feeds needy families throughout the Phoenix area.
In order to sign up to help, please visit the link below. We will need many volunteers to bring shovels, brooms, wheelbarrows, and a helping hand!

From Ms. Coughlon- Assistant Headmaster- Semester 1 Exam Schedule

Bell Schedule for Final Exams:
8:15-10:15 - Exam 1
10:15-10:40 - Brain Break (bring a snack)
10:40-12:40 - Exam 2
Exams for Tuesday, 12/18
Exam 1 – 1st period
Exam 2 – 2nd period
Exams for Wednesday, 12/19
Exam 1 – 3rd period
Exam 2 – 4th period
Exams for Thursday, 12/20
Exam 1 – 5th period
Exam 2 – 6th period

Basic guidelines:
Every class will be given a final assessment. Not all assessments will be comprehensive, nor will all follow a traditional format. For instance, a final assessment may look like a formal discussion, a special project or presentation, or may involve a take-home component.

Missed Exams:
Per the NPX Family Handbook, "All family vacations should be scheduled during school breaks. Absences due to vacations will be considered unexcused absences." This is particularly important during final exams. Please note that our teachers do not typically offer exams prior to the scheduled exam period, nor are they obligated to reschedule an exam due to family vacation plans. Because our Academy closes for winter break, students who miss an exam may be required to take their exam when classes resume in January. If your child misses an exam due to illness or family emergency, please reach out to the teacher as soon as possible.
Save the Date!
Saturday March 2 nd
Great Hearts North Phoenix
First Annual Community
 Basketball Tournament!
~Sponsored by Our Tax Credit Drive
Stay tuned for more information and sign up details!

Jackie Curtis | Academy Giving Manager
North Phoenix Preparatory Academy
College Counseling Corner

Now is the time to start applying for college scholarships! Remember, small awards can add up fast and by spring many deadlines will have already passed!
  • Flavorful Futures Scholarship from Sparkling Ice® is awarding five $5000 scholarships. The deadline to apply is 2/15. Read more at
  • The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute in partnership with GE awards scholarships nationwide in excess of $1 million dollars. The deadline to apply is 1/4/19. Information and the online app can be found at
  • Going Merry: Search and apply to many scholarships by completing a profile and filling out an application form. 
  • College Covered:  Sponsored by Discover Student Loans. The site includes helpful planning calendars and scholarship searches.
  • FastwebSearch for scholarships for college students with a free matching service for scholarships. Also learn about financial aid and student loan options.

Junior Scholarship Opportunities
Now that PSAT/NMSQT scores are back, member of the Class of 2020 should take a look at the Opportunity Scholarships offered by the College Board. This new program awards students for taking an active role in the college search process. Each activity you complete, puts you in the running for more awards! Learn more about the Opportunity Scholarships here.

Summer Programs
High school students interested in enrichment programs over summer break may be interested in the following:

  • ASU Barrett Summer Scholars: Live on campus, engage in college-level coursework, and participate in a community of peers from across the state.
  • Duke Summer Session for High School Students  By attending one of our programs, you will prepare for college by delving deeper into intellectually stimulating courses of interest, which may even include the opportunity to accompany your college application with a letter of recommendation from a Duke instructor. In addition to challenging yourself academically, you will engage with a diverse group of peers, exposing you to different cultures and expanding your future network. Not to mention, you will leave with a lifetime of memories! Visit this website to learn more. Applications open now! 
  • Cornell Engineering Diversity Programs: Read the program overview and see if you qualify here: CURIE & CATALYST Program Overviews & Flyer
  • For more detailed information, go to the following
  •  CURIE Academy:
  • CATALYST Academy:

In the News
From PBS News Hour: “Only 1 in 20 college degrees awarded today are in the humanities or liberal arts, as a perception persists that these fields don't provide marketable skills for students entering the workforce. But is this theory true? For our Future of Work series, Jeffrey Brown explores why students with "soft skills" are critical for innovating and helping organizations run effectively--even in Silicon Valley.” Listen to the whole report here
Our Neighbors

As a reminder, please do not use the Calvary North parking lot as a turnaround during drop-off or dismissal. Our use of their lot poses a risk to the safety of their young students. Our neighbors at Calvary North have their own pre-school traffic to manage, so let us demonstrate good citizenship by respecting that process.
Angel Tree Reminder

For those participating in the Angel Tree for Palomino School. Please bring your unwrapped gifts to the school today! (Monday, December 17th). Thank you!
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