September 8, 2018
"Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.” ~ C.S. Lewis
In this issue:

  • Headmaster Letter
  • Coffee with the Headmaster
  • College Counseling
  • Prep Picnic!
  • AHM Note
  • PSO Events- Meeting Tuesday!
  • Co Curricular Spotlight
  • High School Social
  • Drop off & Dismissal
  • Absence Reporting
  • Great Hearts Gala
Headmaster Letter
Dear North Phoenix Prep Families,

As you may already know, I have put forward the theme of unconditional love as a rallying cry for our community this year. This particular kind of love is not merely a cotton candy, feel-good, rose-colored kind of love. It is intentionally willing the good of another person. That is the sense in which it is unconditional. No matter what, we will the good of others at our Academy.

But this theme raises a related question: what kinds of things do we view as good at North Phoenix Prep? Or, to put it another way, what kinds of things do we love?

I'd like to introduce you to six of the things that we love at North Phoenix Prep, and I'll write about each of them in the coming weeks. At our Academy, we love:

  • The Virtues: Moral, Intellectual, and Athletic Excellence
  • The Western Tradition
  • Human Dignity and Freedom
  • Philosophical Realism
  • Conversation and Community
  • Humility
Virtue (Latin  virtus,  Greek  arete ) is not simply a single act, but rather a lived habit of excellence. We believe that we ought to cultivate universally recognized moral habits such as justice, moderation, courage, and prudence. We also ought to foster intellectual excellence, which involves not only the knowledge of facts but also the wisdom and understanding necessary to draw those facts into a coherent whole, as well as the acquisition of particular skills. Furthermore, excellence extends to our physical bodies in the arena of athletic competition. Whether our virtues are moral, intellectual, or athletic, we seek above all the virtue of magnanimity, or greatness of soul. In other words, we seek to possess all of the virtues and to do so without arrogance.  

Our love of the virtues means that we think differently about human excellence. We don't think about it in terms of performance or results alone. A virtuous person does more than merely produce a certain output; he or she has become a person of truly excellent character. Neither do we think about excellence in therapeutic or emotivist terms. Becoming good can actually feel bad at first, just as becoming physically fit is painful at the beginning. We thus believe that we can aid each other in the pursuit of excellence just like a coach or a personal trainer: through encouragement, accountability, and trust.

As I continue this series on our Six Loves, please reach out with whatever questions you have. It's important that we engage together in coming to understand these vital aspects of our Academy culture. 

With Devotion,

Headmaster Weinhold
Coffee with the Headmaster
Please note the upcoming Headmaster Coffee's

Parents/guardians of currently enrolled North Phoenix Prep Students are invited to attend

  • 7th & 8th Grade Wednesday, September 12th 8:30 am
  • 9th & 10th Grade Wednesday, September 19th 8:30am
  • 11th & 12th Grade Wednesday, September 26th 8:30 am
College Counseling Corner
You are invited to join Great Hearts Academies along with ASU, Barrett the Honors College, on Saturday, September 15, 2018 for an information session and tour. The session will give you the opportunity to hear more about the Barrett program offerings, admission, financial aid, and housing. After the information session, there will be a tour of the Barrett facilities. 
Please only register for ONE SPOT (WITH THE STUDENT’S NAME). On the day of the event ONE PARENT can accompany his/her son or daughter. You do not register for the parent too. Just click one for the number participating.
Space is limited to 50 students per session. Please register early.
There are two sessions:  Please click on the session for more information and to register.
Session 1: 9am-10:30am
Session 2: 11 – 12:30 am. 
Please note, logistical information will be sent to all participants (parking instructions, location of event, etc.). If you do not receive the instructions by Wednesday, September 12, 2018, please contact Michelle Fitzgerald at

Tackling Testing: Navigating the State Highschool and College Entrance Exams

PSAT! ACT! SAT! Oh, my! Tackling Testing is an informational session to help you untangle the alphabet soup of the high school standardized testing. You will learn what changes have made to high school state testing, what tests are needed for college entrance, as well as when and how to help your child prepare for these important exams. All parents of high school students are welcome to attend, but Junior parents are highly encouraged to attend as Junior Information Night will follow directly after the testing presentation.  This event will be held on September 27 at 6:30 p.m.

Juniors Night

Junior Night is an opportunity for parents of Juniors to learn more about how to support their child as they prepare for life after NPX. This will include information about the College 101 process, how to explore college options and determine ‘fit’, and a timeline for both the junior and senior year. Parents of Juniors are strongly encourage to attend the Tackling Testing session and stay for Junior Night.  Both events will be held on September 27. The Tackling Testing session begins at 6:30 p.m. and Junior Night at 7:30 p.m. 
Prep Picnic this Wednesday
This Wednesday, September 12 th Prep students will have a special schedule which will allow time at the end of the day for a school wide picnic.  The students will rotate through all six class periods in the morning. The classes will be shorter and there will be no Lyceum (Please keep this in mind as you plan your homework completion Tuesday night!). At 12:45, the Prep Picnic will begin! Students and Faculty will gather in the courtyard for lunch with special snacks from our wonderful PSO! This will be followed by organized games of football, soccer, kickball, and whiffle-ball! Equipment will be provided, but your student may wish to bring a small blanket or a towel to sit on, and bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and/or a hat as we will be outside for longer than the normal recreation period. 
Dismissal will still be at 2:10 p.m.

Please note:
  • Field day attire will not be appropriate to wear to school but students may bring uniform approved gladiator shirt and/or athletic shoes to change into after lunch
  • Our catering company will be serving lunch as normal. If you have ordered lunch for your student they will be able to eat before picnic festivities

If you would like to donate to our Picnic, please use the PSO SignupGenius link below:

A note from the Assistant Headmaster

Dear Parents:

It's hard to believe, but we have passed the halfway mark for the first quarter of school! Now is an opportune time to check in on your child's academic progress. One of the challenges of being a Great Hearts parent is providing the right amount of academic support without inhibiting your child's development as an independent, self-motivated learner. What is the sweet spot between hands-off and helicopter parenting? The answers are as varied as our children, but I do have a few suggestions:

Be aware of how your child is progressing in school .
·        Find a relaxed time every week to listen to your child about their academic experience. Again, the point is to listen. As parents, we often slip into advising (or lecturing), but the better approach is to listen first and then facilitate as your child engages in self-reflective problem solving. "I hear how challenging that is for you. What do you think will help you move forward?"
·        Check Jupiter grades every week for missing assignments and general trends. If you can't find the information you need, reach out to the teacher(s).
·        At the first sign that your child is struggling in one or more subjects, initiate a weekly email with the teacher(s) until your child has gained firm footing in the course.
Provide a good study environment.
·        Ensure your child has the necessary materials to study properly.
·        Minimize distractions and interruptions, including digital distractions .
·        Avoid over-scheduling with too many activities and obligations.
·        Set age-appropriate boundaries on time - e.g., utilize timers and establish reasonable bedtimes and lights-out.
Provide appropriate assistance - but don't do the work .
  When your child doesn't know how to do an assignment, help them get the information they need - e.g., assist them with emailing the teacher or contacting a peer.
·        Model and support good organization - e.g., refer to and ask for the student planner, and assist with binder organization.
·        Assist with planning a tutoring schedule.
·        Quiz your child before tests and quizzes, providing feedback on what they need to review.
·        Intercede during extenuating circumstances. If your child is sick or otherwise struggling, reach out to the teaching team for guidance and support.
Don't bail out your child for poor decisions or tough choices.
·        Extend empathy.
·        Foster accountability by facilitating self-reflection on what they can do to repair the damage and/or move forward.
·        Foster growth by facilitating self-reflection on what they can do differently next time.
Foster resilience and a growth mindset.
·        When your child is frustrated about what they don't know, remind them that they don't know it yet.
·        When your child complains that something is hard, extend empathy and then remind them that "hard" isn't "bad" - it's a sign that the brain is growing.
·        Don't praise half-hearted effort. Acknowledge the work they did, and then ask what else they can try next time.
·        Help them remember that the goal is growth - not perfection.
Please continue to reach out to me with your questions, concerns, and needs. It is my honor to partner with you in your child's educational journey.

Ms. Cindy Coughlon, Assistant Headmaster

PSO Meeting

Tuesday, September 11th
7:00 PM North Phoenix Prep MPR
Sack Lunch Service Event

When: Saturday morning at 10 am,  September 15th.  
Where: Elks Lodge 335
What: We will be putting sack lunches together that we then take down to Phoenix Rescue Mission.  
Who: All ages welcome. This is the rare service event where all ages can really help.
Needs: In addition to simply coming to help put together the sack lunches, we have the following specific needs:
  • We ask each family to contribute at least $30 to help with the food costs
  • Bring cardboard boxes to help transport the sack lunches when we are done
  • Help drive the lunches down to Phoenix Rescue Mission

Spotlight on Clubs!

Introducing the North Phoenix Old English Club!

(better morning reading than the box of cereal)

Intended for all members of our community, and for all students, whether actively enrolled in the Old English extra-curricular club or not. Even if not a member of the club, students may still keep up with some of what we do through our newsletter, and submit articles for publication. There is also a contest involving analysis of a work of art in this edition. See the September 2018 edition for details

To all who love the English language, who use it daily, and may have taken its beauty for granted, as a thing to us too common, these letters are dedicated. Enjoy!

For more information about the Newsletter or the NPX English Linguistic Fellowship (also known as the Old English Club) contact the club founder and newsletter editor, J. Sebastian Pagani, directly.
Thanks for reading!
High School Student Game Night


7 - 10 PM
Drop-off and Dismissal
During our drop-off and dismissal times, please be considerate to our neighbors at the Elks' Lodge. If a member is attempting to exit the Lodge parking lot onto 32 nd  Street, please allow them access. Do not block the Elks' Lodge exit when the line is stagnant. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
Reporting an Absence

Attendance Line: 602-996-4355 option 2 (for Prep) then option 2 again

Tickets on Sale Now: Great Hearts Gala
September 29th, 5:30p.m. at Chateau Luxe

Hosted  Cocktail Hour, Silent Auction, Dinner, Program featuring Great Hearts Students, Live Auction, Raffle, Music and Dancing
under the Stars
Do you have a business or a business connection who could donate items to the
Silent or Live auction? If so, please:
Contact Denise Zabilski at

Individual tickets  on sale now  !! 
Sponsorships still  available
$250 per person

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