February 24, 2019
“What was ever great in a short time?” ~ Socrates
In this issue:

  • Headmaster Letter
  • North Phoenix Basketball Tournament
  • Great Hearts Career Fair
  • ASU Summer Scholars
  • 10th grade field trip
  • Yearbook
  • Prom
Upcoming Dates

  • 3/2/2019 1st Annual GH North Phoenix Basketball Tournament
  • 3/7/2019 10th grade field trip to Renaissance Fest
  • 3/13/2019 Early Release 2:10 pm
  • 3/18- 3/22 No School Spring Break
  • 3/30/2019 Spring Festival

Headmaster Letter

Dear North Phoenix Prep Families,

This week I'm sharing an article entitled,  "Why Hire Students from a Liberal Arts College?"  by Natalie K. Kent. Although the article is focused upon the liberal arts education offered at Hillsdale College, our students at North Phoenix Prep learn the very same skills of communication, clear thinking, and creativity that many students only begin to learn at college & university. Enjoy!  
Since 1990, jobs in STEM have seen an unprecedented  79 percent growth, totaling in 17.3 million occupations in 2018 . Yet it may surprise you to learn that a survey of CEOs from the Association of American Colleges and Universities found that  74 percent of employers  preferred liberal arts majors to create a more dynamic work environment.  Two employment recruiters from Goldman Sachs recently noted , “[When hiring, it is important] for us to have people who are good communicators and who can distill complex information into understandable terms, and we’ve found that this is a strength for many liberal arts majors.” 
So what are the liberal arts? And why is this method of study so  hotly debated
At Hillsdale College the liberal arts are not just menial classes students are required to take to graduate. There is a specific core curriculum for all majors that is designed to introduce students to inescapably relevant ideas. 
Some educators believe that educating a person is like filling a cup with water; information needs to be disseminated into the individual until they are “full” (i.e., until that student has passed all of her classes and earned her degree). Hillsdale takes a different approach. We believe that there are certain universal truths and that discovering them is an extremely difficult and academically rigorous pursuit—one in which students must learn to think critically and logically, challenge their own perspectives and biases, and employ this process to every area of their lives. You’ll find that students at Hillsdale love the journey. They simply love learning. 
Simply put, Hillsdale College teaches students how to think but not what to think. Our students are uniquely qualified by merit of their rigorous academic curriculum to examine any given issue from multiple perspectives and formulate a well-reasoned, persuasive point of view. An ability to approach problem solving in this way, we believe, is extremely difficult to find. Combine this with a strong emphasis on moral character, and Hillsdale students represent the best of the best academically and ethically. According to the Princeton Review, in 2018 Hillsdale College students outranked top universities including Stanford, Duke, and Yale academically . 
It’s easy to see why Christine Nishinaga, an account executive at Yelp and Hillsdale alumna, when discussing how her educational background is perceived professionally, stated, “My team knows that they can count on me to fight until the end on every deal. ‘Strength rejoices in the challenge’ [Hillsdale College’s motto] means to never settle for mediocrity.” 
So, why hire a Hillsdale College student? Simple. Their education prepares them to be a lifelong learner. They are better equipped than most to take on new and challenging ideas in an ever-developing marketplace, synthesize that information, and rise to meet the occasion.
With Devotion,

Headmaster Weinhold
Join the Fun!

Thank you for supporting our Tax credit Drive!

In celebration please join us at our first annual
Great Hearts North Phoenix Community Basketball Tournament

March 2nd 9 am - 4 pm 

Support our Seniors! - Class of 2019 will be running the Snack Bar. Serving snacks and water 9-3 pm and Pizza 11-2 pm 
(all proceeds will give the seniors a little extra spending money on their upcoming Senior trip) You are also welcome to pack a lunch and enjoy your picnic at the tables in the court yard. 
 Please enjoy all food and beverages outside of the gym.

Our Tournament will start promptly at 9am in the Gym. Doors will open at 8:30 for first game warm up. 
Great Hearts Career Fair

Dear Great Hearts Families,
Headmasters and the Talent Team are well underway with our most important annual search... for intellectually, morally, and aesthetically lively individuals to join the faculty at our academies. Our recruiting efforts are strengthened by the “word-of-mouth” promotion of Great Hearts teaching opportunities to the broader local community through our own academy families . For those of you who have colleagues, friends, family, and/or neighbors whom you’d love to encourage work for Great Hearts, would you please pass along this link with information about the Great Hearts AZ Career Fair Open House on Thursday, February 28 th . We’ve also attached a flyer for your convenience.

ASU Summer scholars program

Barrett Summer Scholars program application deadline coming up on March 4th .

Current7th, 8th, or 9th grade academically motivated students are encouraged to apply to this premiere summer experience! The Barrett Summer Scholars (BSS) program provides students with the opportunity to experience college firsthand and prepare for enrollment and success at Arizona State University and Barrett, the Honors College. Our residential program invites students to live on campus, engage in college-level coursework, and participate in a community of peers from across the state.

For more information on how to apply, please follow this link
10th Grade Field Trip!

Huzzah! The 10th grade field trip to the Renaissance Festival will take place on Thursday, March 7. Please register your student HERE
no later than Monday, March 4th. The cost is $25 for transportation and admission to the festival. In addition, please make sure your student brings:

• A sack lunch or money to buy lunch
• Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen)
• Water bottle
• Optional: money to buy souvenirsStudents may also bring a cell phone to communicate with chaperones.

There will be pre-planned meet ups for certain events and to check in with chaperones. So long as someone in the group has access to a cell phone, it will be fine if your student does not have a cell phone. Students may wear jeans/nice pants and athletic shoes but must wear a uniform top for the trip.
From our Yearbook Club Sponsor

Dear North Phoenix Families,
We are almost done with the yearbook but we could use few more pictures. If you have any picture Yearbook worthy don’t hold to it; SEND your pictures to npxazyearbook@gmail.com Please, DO NOT send the picture to me.
Faculty: We could use more Gladiator Teams pictures or pictures taken in your classrooms. 
Thanks in advance,
Maylen Pagnone | Spanish Teacher | Yearbook Club Sponsor
Senior Advertisements!

12th grade families,

Honor your graduate with a purchase of a senior ad in the yearbook. 1/4 page and 1/2 page options. Follow the link above!
High School Junior and Senior Students! Save the Date for Prom 2019
North Phoenix Preparatory | 14100 N 32nd Street | Phoenix, AZ | 85032 | 602-996-4355