September 16, 2018
“Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse.” ~ Winston Churchill
In this issue:

  • Headmaster Letter
  • Picture Day Reminder
  • Coffee with the Headmaster
  • College Counseling
  • High School GAME NIGHT!
  • AHM Note
  • Costa Rica Trip Meeting
  • Community- Girls Softball
  • PSO Fundraiser
  • Note from the Office
  • Great Hearts Gala
Headmaster Letter

Dear North Phoenix Prep Families,

This week's letter addresses the topic of the Western Tradition, one of the central things that we deeply love as an Academy.

Six Loves
  • The Virtues: Moral, Intellectual, and Athletic Excellence
  • The Western Tradition
  • Human Dignity and Freedom
  • Philosophical Realism
  • Conversation and Community
  • Humility

At North Phoenix Prep, we love the Western Tradition. One way to briefly summarize what we mean by the West is to consider three ancient cities: Athens, Jerusalem, and Rome. Athens is the fountainhead of philosophy, science, and democracy; Jerusalem, the source of Western monotheism and faith in a personal God; Rome gives us unique notions of law and statesmanship. Another way to understand the Western Tradition is through the Great Books. These works of literature, science, mathematics, philosophy, theology, and history form a conversation across the centuries. This conversation is one that we invite all our students to enter into.

It's important to realize that the Western Tradition is a conversation among people of varied ideas and beliefs. Plato and Aristotle disagreed about the philosophy of universal forms. The American Founders doubted whether the Athenian vision of a purely democratic regime would work in the vast new world. Pagan Greece and Rome was polytheistic; the Judeo-Christian heritage is monotheistic; and many Enlightenment thinkers were atheistic. In short, the Western Tradition is a coherent conversation, not a monolith. Particularly in the Humane Letters seminar, we encourage our students to engage in that conversation with genuine humility and curiosity. That engagement prepares them to become good citizens who possess a greater context for the ideas, beliefs, laws, and norms of our nation. Even more importantly, it prepares them to become good human beings who can enter authentically into dialogue with others.

As I continue this series on our Six Loves, please reach out with whatever questions you have. It's important that we engage together in coming to understand these vital aspects of our Academy culture.

With Devotion,

Headmaster Weinhold

Picture Day is this Tuesday, September 18th. Do not hand in order forms to front office. Students should bring and give forms to photographer.
Coffee with the Headmaster
Please note the upcoming Headmaster Coffee's

Parents/guardians of currently enrolled North Phoenix Prep Students are invited to attend

  • 9th & 10th Grade Wednesday, September 19th 8:30am
  • 11th & 12th Grade Wednesday, September 26th 8:30 am
College Counseling Corner
Rep Visits
This week, NPX will be hosting representatives from:

·         University of Alabama, Monday, after school
·         University of Chicago, Tuesday, lunch
·         Chapman University, Wednesday, after school

All Rep visits will be held in Room 501 unless otherwise noted.  Please refer to the college counseling calendar on the school web site for up-to-date information on Rep Visits, application workshops, SAT and ACT testing dates, and other events both on and off campus. 

Tackling Testing: Navigating the State Highschool and College Entrance Exams

PSAT! ACT! SAT! Oh, my! Tackling Testing is an informational session to help you untangle the alphabet soup of the high school standardized testing. You will learn what changes have made to high school state testing, what tests are needed for college entrance, as well as when and how to help your child prepare for these important exams. All parents of high school students are welcome to attend, but Junior parents are highly encouraged to attend as Junior Information Night will follow directly after the testing presentation. This event will be held on September 27 at 6:30 p.m.

Juniors Night

Junior Night is an opportunity for parents of Juniors to learn more about how to support their child as they prepare for life after NPX. This will include information about the College 101 process, how to explore college options and determine ‘fit’, and a timeline for both the junior and senior year. Parents of Juniors are strongly encourage to attend the Tackling Testing session and stay for Junior Night.  Both events will be held on September 27. The Tackling Testing session begins at 6:30 p.m. and Junior Night at 7:30 p.m.  

Seniors / Flinn Scholarship
On Monday, 9/17, there will be an informational session during Lunch for Seniors interested in applying for the Flinn Scholarship Program.  The Flinn Scholarship Program provides an unparalleled package for undergraduate study at an Arizona public university for approximately 20 of Arizona’s highest-achieving high school seniors each year.  The merit-based scholarship program covers the cost of tuition, fees, housing and meals and at least two study-abroad experiences. The overall financial package is valued at more than $120,000! To learn more, go to

In the News
Classical, liberal arts education was featured in the New York Times this month with this article on St. John’s College. Read about “The Most Contrarian College in America” here:
High School Social- GAME NIGHT!

This Saturday, September 22nd 7 PM - 10 PM

Cost is $8.00 - prepay- Register & pay HERE

$10.00 at the door

Sign up to help provide refreshments HERE

Thank you!
A note from the Assistant Headmaster

Jupiter Grades
Families, thank you for keeping me informed about glitches and improvements in our Jupiter system! Please note the following:

Assignment Notes:
In order to see any notes left by the teacher on a given assignment, you will need to actually click the specific assignment. To do this, from your To Do page, click the Course title, then click the actual assignment you wish to view. Any notes that have been added by the teacher will appear only on this screen. To return to the full course list of assignments, click Grades

Email and Text Notifications:
From the Settings  page, you can customize the alerts you receive from Jupiter Grades. From the Send Every dropdown menu, you may select a specific day of the week OR every weekday to receive alerts. The alerts can be specific to missing assignments or grades (select the range from the dropdown menu). Also note that due to a glitchy setting, Excused assignments were being included in alerts. This issue should now be resolved, but please let me know if you continue to receive alerts for excused assignments. The alerts that will continue to be sent for missing assignments include: Incomplete , Missing , and Absent

Student-Led Conferences:
As the first quarter is quickly coming to a close, please remember that we will be scheduling student-led conferences for all new-to-North-Phoenix students and  12th graders on the Monday and Tuesday after Fall Break, October 15th and 16th. During these 15-minute conferences, students will lead a discussion with their teachers and parents on their academic growth goals. Please stay tuned for more details and available conference times. Returning students will conference in January after the Winter break, January 7-9.

Cindy Coughlon  |  Assistant Headmaster
Costa Rica Trip Meeting this week

 Exciting opportunity for HS students! RSVP using the link below-
Thu, September 20, 2018
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM MST
Hosted by Ms. Laney Smith- College Counselor
In the Community

Paradise Valley Girls Softball League - 
Fall 2018

PVGSL is a recreational league in Northeast Phoenix dedicated to girls fastpitch softball.

Age Divisions: 6-8U, 10U, 12-14U

Click on image for information!

PSO Fundraiser!

Save the date: October 20th

Come have a great time at SkyZone!

North Phoenix will receive 40% of proceeds if we get 100 or more participants.

Please know that Skyzone Socks are mandatory (available for $2 at Skyzone)
Notes from the Office

Please know that it is not necessary to phone the office if you are picking your student up early. Students will not get called out of class until a parent is in the front office to sign them out. Make sure to allow enough time for your student to be called out and to get to your appointment on time. If you are planning to sign your student out during the lunch hour which is 12:45pm to 1:30pm please make sure to relay that information to your student and stipulate a time that they should come to the front office to meet you. With over 400 students that eat lunch at the same time every day it is difficult to track a student down in a timely manner during the lunch hour. Thank you for your cooperation.

Attendance Line: 602-996-4355 option 2 (for Prep) then option 2 again

Program featuring Great Hearts Students & Teachers
Dr. Allan Friesen at the Piano - Arete Prep Robert Heyde & The Scottsdale Prep Concert Choir and Chamber Singers Morgan James - Trivium Prep - Great Hearts BARD Competition Winner Logan Johnson - Lincoln Prep Kathryn LeTrent & The Glendale Prep Griffin Players Theater Company

Tickets on Sale Now: Great Hearts Gala
September 29th, 5:30p.m. at Chateau Luxe

Hosted  Cocktail Hour, Silent Auction, Dinner, Program featuring Great Hearts Students, Live Auction, Raffle, Music and Dancing
under the Stars
Do you have a business or a business connection who could donate items to the
Silent or Live auction? If so, please:
Contact Denise Zabilski at

Individual tickets  on sale now  !! 
Sponsorships still  available
$250 per person
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