September Newsletter | W938D4
September Webinar
Join us September 21 at 10m CST for our webinar! This month we will be discussing all things samples. Be sure to bring your questions for our Q&A at the end.
NOTE: The webinar will be recorded and be available to view on our Youtube.
Cut Sheet Poll
When using a bookmark with Adobe Pro, would you rather bookmark the type or type & part number?
Type & Part Number
Monthly Maintenance
OASIS Quick Tips!
The following keyboard shortcuts are specific to Invoices in OASIS.
  • F3- creates a matching PO.
  • F6- invoices none.
  • F7- invoices all.
  • F8- changes views between spreadsheet mode and non-spreadsheet mode.
  • F9- saves and opens a new invoice or payment.
Which form is more useful to you in the manufacturer editor?
Legacy Form
F2018 Form
O4 Users
Attachments Usage
The attachments usage report allows OASIS admins to gain insight on users are using attachments in OASIS. This article will explain how to run and use the report.
Attachments Tab in O4
The "Attachments" tab can be accessed across many applications within O4. These include, but are not limited to: customers, manufacturers, projects, quotes, and orders. This tab allows users to upload, download, label, and filter files.