Homemade Roasted Thanksgiving Day Turkey with all the Sides
Looking for ideas for your Christmas Turkey?
We asked our team how they prepared the turkey at Thanksgiving for some inspiration. Their responses ranged from the traditional to some modern twists. Maybe it will give you some ideas on how to change things up this holiday season.
Christy's Deep Fried Turkey
Christy Puffenbarger spiced it up with a deep fried turkey. She prepped the turkey with an injection of Creole Butter and a liberal coating of Old Bay before submerging it in the fryer. The result was a juicy turkey with crispy skin and a bit of a kick. While Christy won't get to visit with Santa this year, hopefully he'll still leave a little something for her under the tree.
Jihad's Rotisserie Turkey
Jihad Douglas was thinking back to NTF in Tucson with the Shawarma turkey and decided to cook his turkey outside.

For Thanksgiving, Jihad simplified the process and just unwrapped the turkey, gave it a liberal rub down with kosher salt, and trussed it up for the rotisserie. After about 7 hours on the cooker he had a beautiful, moist turkey to enjoy on the patio.
Tim's Roasted Turkey Breast
Tim Kasinger with Select Genetics decided on a turkey breast this year since it wasn’t the typical big family crowd. He carefully removed the skin, seasoned it with salt and pepper and then covered it with pats of butter before replacing the skin. He then oiled and seasoned the top and roasted it in the oven.

When asked for a picture of the end result, Kase confessed that it was time to eat at that point and he forgot to snap a photo. Always resourceful, he surfed the internet and found a photograph of a turkey breast that he swears is identical to the one they had on Thanksgiving. Pamela could not be reached for comment.
John's Beer Butt Turkey
John Sharp also likes to enjoy the outdoors with a turkey on the grill. He took inspiration from the "beer butt" method that has been a popular way to grill chickens in recent years.

The first challenge was finding a beer can that was big enough to hold a hefty turkey. Then it's just a matter of cutting the top off the can, placing it on a pan on the the grill and carefully balancing the turkey over the can. Keep the grill burning at around 375F / 190c, until the turkey reaches the appropriate temperature.

The beer steams and boils into the body cavity, resulting in a moist, tender turkey. John was happy with the result and is thinking of replacing the beer with bourbon for Christmas!
Kirk's Surprisingly Sweet Turkey
Those of you who know Kirk West, know that when you ask him a question you’ll often get a story to go along with the answer. His answer for “how did you cook your turkey” was no exception.

Kirk used a recipe from a friend in the industry. It’s called a Sweet Drunken Israeli Turkey and Kirk says he got it from a “not so sweet, occasionally drunken Israeli.” He’s been making it for years, it’s always delicious, and he was happy to share all the details. Click here for the "recipe".

Kirk wouldn’t send a picture of the finished product because it was warm enough in West Virginia to cook it on the grill this year. Apparently it tasted delicious, but the sugars resulted in a blackened turkey and it was not photo worthy. He’s taking it back to the oven for Christmas, so maybe we’ll get to see what it looks like in the New Year.
Clint's Deep Fried Turkey
Clint Grimsley also prepared a deep fried turkey. He tried something a bit different this year and rubbed the turkey down with olive oil before frying it in the peanut oil. Clint has used this method before with beef to seal in the juices and create a nice nice brown crust. Turns out it works great for turkey too! Unfortunately based on the "after dinner" pictures, there weren't any leftovers for turkey sandwiches.
Clint does like to hunt, but this bird just required suiting up for a trip to the grocery store.
Partnering with the American Heart Association
If you're looking for a heart healthy traditional holiday meal, why not try these recipes from the American Heart Association. As part of Aviagen's support of this organization they distribute recipes that taste good and are good for you.

However you decide to enjoy your holiday meal we wish you a very
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!