It's July and it's hot in many parts of the world. A time to find ways to stay cool, and that applies to our turkeys too!
Keeping Cool, Calm, and Collected
Keeping birds comfortable during hot weather is a challenge every year. Now that summer is here all the prep work should be complete and we need to make sure we're doing everything possible to keep our turkeys on track.
This latest bulletin from our Technical Team, Hot Weather Management for Turkey Breeders , provides good reminders for making your turkey breeders more comfortable and laying eggs even as the temperature rises.

For commercial growers this Hot Weather Management Tips bulletin gives a checklist of items to help improve bird comfort.
Join us for Midwest 2020, Virtually
It was certainly disappointing not to see everyone in Minneapolis in March, but for everyone's safety it was best to stay home. In the meantime, many of us have gotten pretty comfortable meeting in a virtual world. Now, thanks to the work of the Midwest Poultry Federation (MPF), we'll be able to get together in August for a virtual convention and education program.

Come by for a visit on the trade show floor and attend the education sessions to see Ira Brister and Marcus Kenny share some of their insights on raising turkeys and improving performance.
Raising the Modern Turkey
Ira Brister, Senior Technical Representative

The turkeys on our farms today are certainly different than the ones raised by our grandparents and even our parents. Join Ira Brister, Senior Technical Representative, as he reviews some of the key differences and what you can do on the farm to help ensure you're achieving the genetic potential of today's turkeys.
Effect of Feed Form on Turkey Performance
Marcus Kenny, Company Nutritionist

We've all seen different feed quality in the field, from good formed pellets to feed that looks more like dust, and everything in between. In this presentation, Marcus will review a recent study to see the impact of different feed forms on turkey performance. Do better pellets really mean better weights and FCR? Join Marcus and find out what the results show.
Some Like it Hot!
Remember Nashville and the National Turkey Federation Convention? Seems so long ago. Well, maybe this hot weather has you thinking of one of the hottest items at our annual turkey tasting reception - Nashville Hot Turkey.

Why not turn up the heat on summer with this extra spicy take on a turkey sandwich!

In Memory of a Friend and Colleague
Thank you for all of the remembrances of our dear friend and colleague Terry Conroy. Your thoughts, prayers, and fond stories have been appreciated by his family at home and at work.

Here is the memorial information for those of you who may have missed it previously - Terrence Patrick Conroy
Stay cool out there!