Fueling the Bottom Line

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Opportunity Zone - Offer Additional Heating Options

Grow your sales by offering propane-powered heaters so your customers can make the most out of their outdoor space or use as supplemental indoor heating. Propane heaters come in many shapes and styles and there is a wide variety to fit their budget and heating needs.

A #20 cylinder can provide heat up to 10 hours and your customers will enjoy:

  • Easy set up - permanent or portable options
  • Convenient features - remote control options and no outlets required
  • Extended use for any area - can heat up to 25 feet

You can add additional traffic and revenue to your locations to increase your propane gallons. Plus, you can include as part of your Fall specials!

Helping You Help Your Customers - Troubleshooting FAQs

Q: I just filled my propane grill tank, but no gas is coming out? 

If the tank valve has been turned on too quickly the gas flow may exceed the designed flow capacity causing the valve to "slug shut"Turn the tank valve to the closed position, then turn back on slowly to restore gas flow. Cylinders equipped with an OPD valve have a device incorporated into them that will not allow gas to flow unless a connection has been made to the cylinders service valve. 

If you still have questions, please contact your local Suburban Propane representative.

Summer Digital Campaign Summary

Here are overall highlights of the Summer digital campaign that includes Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day: 

  • Over 895,000 emails sent to our customers promoting reseller locations
  • Emails achieved an open rate of 62.7%, 3 times the industry average
  • Facebook ads reached nearly 11M customers and non-customers