Volume 01 | January 08, 2018
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Key FDA Actions Anticipated in 2018
"The FDA approved a number of new therapies and indications for a variety of conditions this past year ( read our 2017 recap here ). With 2017 behind us, we’re looking ahead at the next year for what’s on the horizon in pharmacy."

These are some of the upcoming drugs slated for review by the FDA in 2018.

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Spark prices its gene therapy as most expensive U.S. medicine!

"The first gene therapy in the U.S. approved last month to treat a rare, inherited form of blindness, now has a price tag: $850,000. The condition is rare, affecting between 1,000 and 2,000 people in the U.S. About 10-20 babies are born each year with RPE65-mutated retinal disease, Spark estimates."

Should CVS & Amazon replace Obamacare as the Healthcare Gatekeepers?
" CVS-Aetna and Amazon-Whole Foods – may be the start of the re-privatization of healthcare. Both mergers seem to be betting on a future with something different from Obamacare.With Americans spending nearly $3.5 trillion annually on health care. This number rises beyond inflation, with the figure fast approaching a fifth of gross domestic product as we grow older, fatter, and more demanding ."
Clinical Prescription Drug Management: Pharma Data vs Evidence Data
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