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  • Client Spotlight- MaShawna Jacobs
  • Prevention Leaders Cohort- 5th Cohort
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Message From HueLife Founders

End of Year Reflection

Two days after the most destructive conflict in Europe started on February 24, with a full ground, air, and sea war by Russia against Ukraine, Irina and I set aside our shock and anguish to speak with a close friend, in Kyiv, named Sergei Linkevich (a person I called James Bond, due to his resemblance of Daniel Craig, and his ability to get into and out of trouble). Sergei, “Mr. Bond”, a veteran of the Soviet Army, was grateful for the concern but was more interested in discussing how we were going to help win the war. “Yes, without any doubt in my heart, we are going to win” Sergei, said. He saw his wife, young son, and daughter off to Poland and went off to a place he could not share with us due to the secretive nature of the mission. “OK, Mr. Bond.”

Immediately following the fall, Irina went all-in on her efforts to support a community of volunteers that would move people, medicine, food, clothing, water supplies, and information. This intense action saved hundreds, perhaps thousands of lives while buying time for the military and larger aid providers like Red Cross to get organized.

None of this would have been possible without the dedication of our HueLife team, who said, “…we got this; do what you need to do for Ukraine.” So, as the end of the year and holidays bring out our reflective and thankful nature, we would like to thank everyone who supported us so we could support others. The outpouring of generosity from hundreds of people brought hope and perhaps a little cheer to so many.

My takeaway for the year, the cliché that ‘…the worst brings out the best in us…’ is true. Whether it’s a community erased by a hurricane, a war, or a fire, there are those who rush in to help. Sometimes at great cost to themselves. As we gather with family and friends this weekend to celebrate the birth of Christ and share gifts of appreciation and gratitude, let's remember those we lost.

Pro Tip

Power Of Relationships

Globalization, climate change, mass migration, political polarization, weaponized disinformation, and the power of diversity has created a need for engagement, partnerships, and collaboration across agencies, industries, and sectors. This type of collaboration requires a different type of leader, a leader built for a loosely-coupled world.

Our research, real-life experiences, and business applications lead us to believe that a service mindset, shared leadership responsibilities, and the ability to balance chaos (change & innovation) and order (structures and norms) are necessary for sustaining collaborative relationships over time. Here are some tips for how to lead in a loosely-coupled, collaborative environment.

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To learn more about leadership in loosely coupled system, listen to the podcast here or download the entire research paper here.  

Partner Spotlight

Insights Discovery®

Insights Discovery brings millions of people around the world the joy of a deeper understanding of self, others, and teams. As part of its mission, Insights Corporation gives away free profiles to charitable organizations that are working on advancing humanity.

We’ve been an honored recipient of several such grants to aid the development of youth in Ukraine, young professionals from Eastern Europe as well as USA communities. In 2022, the Insights Workshop was a highlight of the YouLEAD program.

We owe part of our success with the Insights Discovery Program to Marisa Molner! She has a soft heart for mission-driven work and organizations that are dedicated to social causes, as evidenced by her involvement with Living in Liberty.

Thank you for being our cheerleader and supporter!

Where Are They Now?

MaShawna Jacobs always knew that she would make an impact on this world.

“You were born with the ability to change someone’s life. Don’t ever waste it.”

MaShawna grew up in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. As a high school student, she and her peers had to deal with more than any teen should have to. Within a span of three years, she had to attend seven funerals of peers and only one was due to natural causes. This was a turning point for MaShawna as she wanted to make a change that would impact not only her peers but the youth to come. She took this needed change and turned it into her passion so that she could make a change in at least one person.

Since 1996, she has been an IMPACT Service Coordinator, stay-at-home mom, Public Administration Specialist, Preschool Owner/Teacher, Private School Administrator, Benefits Coordinator/Insurance Agent, Prevention Specialist, and currently holding the position of Director of the Mountain Comprehensive Care Center (MCCC).

MaShawna and her team at MCCC have utilized an array of participatory tools learned through the prevention leaders cohort and FACE training. Growing a team from 2 to 20 in just a couple of years is not an easy task. MaShawna’s commitment to teamwork and collaboration speaks volumes when all the team members have been supported on their journey to be the best they can be in the prevention field.


Being the change agent and a trailer blazer for her field, she has dedicated her work to solving big challenges no one can solve alone, implementing programs focusing on preventing and reducing substance misuse, suicides, and teen pregnancies. This type of work requires passion, commitment to the cause, and a strong coalition of multiple stakeholders. Facilitation skills are critical to the success and sustainability of these efforts.

What a journey! We celebrate Mashawna’s achievements and commitment to doing the hard work.

HueLife Program

Prevention Leaders Cohort-5

Cohort-based learning and development journey, Prevention Leaders Cohort (PLC) was designed in 2020 to help support coalition leaders and practitioners in the prevention field (from substance abuse to mental health). PLC is not your typical training program, where you get to hear from the experts and wonder how do I actually do it? Our intent is to transfer the skills, for you to become the “know how” in the process of engaging your stakeholders, assessing the needs, and developing action plans that leave your community committed to the change that needs to take place!  


PLC is virtual, 15 – months journey framed around the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) focusing each quarter on leadership and engagement tools related to each step of the SPF. In March we are launching our 5th Cohort! Interested to learn more, connect with Angie Asa-Lovstad or Dave Closson. If you are curious about the impact on the participants - listen to one prevention specialist’s, Chandler Greenwell, story about her experience in Cohort 3 and what she discovered about herself during her journey.

Reserve your spot by registering today.

HueLife Updates

Based on the feedback we received from you, we are going to move Community of Practice (CoP) sessions to the third day (Wednesday) of the third week in 2023. It is 3-3 in 2023!

On the 3rd Wednesday of the month, we will gather virtually at NOON for one hour. Bring your lunch, get cozy, and be prepared to share and learn!

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Mission Update

Global Synergy Group

Our mission in Ukraine continues! Over $200,000 was raised and transferred to various volunteer groups in Ukraine in 2022. As the holidays approach, we are raising funds to buy toys, sweets, stationery, books, clothes, and shoes for children who are hoping for a gift from Saint Nicholas this year.

Please help us make more children’s dreams come true! Your donations will help pay for gifts and delivery to children in many de-occupied towns.

Christmas Gifts for Children in Eastern Ukraine  

Upcoming Courses

HUE Conversations

January 12 - Twin Cities, MN

February 1 - Liberty, NY

February 15 - VIRTUAL

February 28 - Carmel, IN

March 28 - Rochester, MN


ToP® Facilitation Methods

January 10 & 11 - Kansas City, MO

January 19 & 20 - Las Vegas, NV

February 7 & 8 - Madison, WI

February 16 &17 - Orlando, FL

February 21 & 22 - Twin Cities, MN COURSE FULL

March 13 & 14 - Asheville, NC


ToP® Strategic Planning

January 9 &10 - Orlando, FL

February 28 - March 1 - Twin Cities, MN

June 13 & 14 - Asheville, NC


Approaches To Environmental Scanning

February 9 - Madison, WI

March 21 - Twin Cities, MN

June 14 - Asheville, NC


Mastering Technology of Participation® (MToP) 2023-2024- Minneapolis, MN

Intensive I October 25th-27th, 2023

Intensive II January 24th -26th, 2024

Intensive III April 24-26, 2024

Intensive IV July 24-26, 2024

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Mastering Technology of Participation® (MToP) 2023 - Asheville, NC

Intensive I March 8th - 10th, 2023

Intensive II June 7th- 9th, 2023

Intensive III September 13th -15th, 2023

Intensive IV December 6th -8th, 2023


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