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  • Message from HueLife Team
  • Pro Tip: The Accountability Ladder
  • Partner Spotlight: Mid America PTTC
  • Client Spotlight: Tameika Thomas
  • Prevention Leaders Cohort V - Starting Spring
  • Pro Bono Action planning
  • Mission Update
  • Upcoming Courses

We look forward to seeing you in the virtual space and in person!

-The HueLife Team

Message From HueLife Team

"Coalitions are key to social change" - Dr. Fursman.

This month we chose coalition building as our focus to honor the movements and social changes that have been made possible due to masterful community organizing and convening.

A coalition forms when two or more groups come together for a common goal that neither individual nor organization can achieve alone. Coalitions seem to be at the core of any transformational change in our society. Authentic engagement of all interested parties is becoming an expectation, not a choice. High-functioning coalitions that support collaboration across agencies or even sectors are more important than ever. Yet, engaging multiple stakeholders in collective action is difficult due to polarization, lack of trust, limited resources, and, more noticeably, not knowing the “how”!

Several of our team members dedicated most of their professional life to coalition work, from the field of prevention and public health, criminal justice, education, and government alliances. Through our reflections and continued work in the field, we assembled facilitation tools and techniques to help coalition leaders and members to build sustainable coalitions for lasting impact. Join our HueLife Community to stay connected, learn from your peers, and continue to invent “the how” for the greater good.

~ HueLife Team

Pro Tip

The Accountability Ladder

Multiple theories and frameworks surround coalition development, sustainability, and collective action. Yet, most coalitions need help with getting to action! When asked what is holding this group back - the answer is often accountability or lack thereof.

"When you are accountable, you are powerful."

-Bruce Gordon.

Back in 2007, Bruce Gordon, the then-president of the NAACP, an American civil rights organization, introduced the concept of the Accountability Ladder.

We use this concept as a tool to help leaders and employees identify their level of accountability relevant to the ladder, build shared awareness and empower each through reflection.

To help you evaluate the effectiveness of any framework or assess how the group is performing relative to the agreed-upon plan or established mission, hold a conversation around the accountability ladder!

Listen to Gordon's Explanation of Accountability Ladder
Download Accountability Ladder Conversation

Partner Spotlight

Mid America Prevention Technology Transfer Center

As Director of Mid-America PTTC (Prevention Technology Transfer Center), and a person in long-term recovery, I’ve dedicated myself to efforts that draw from my journey. When I began learning about community-based prevention in 2009, I quickly realized how I might make the most of my experience professionally. My path to prevention provided a direction that not only helped me lead efforts that reduce substance use, improve mental health, and build community, but I’ve been able to draw from my previous career in radio/television broadcasting and a lifetime of artistic creativity.

The HueLife Tools and ToP Methods adaption has leveled up my work. Whether utilizing the power of the Focused Conversation during our PTTC Community of Practice series or a one-on-one Prevention Perk podcast discussion. Also, I’ve seen some dramatic changes occur when introducing ToP Facilitation to rural communities and at the State level with ToP Strategic Planning. As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and I’ve witnessed the magic that leads to action and real change.

In my spare time, I’m active in the historic preservation of the north-side Springfield, Missouri neighborhood where I live and in the development of the Moon City Creative Live-Work-District.

Listen Now to Steve Miller on "Why bring the worlds of Prevention & Facilitation together?"

Where Are They Now?

Tameika Thomas

Meet Tameika, who recently completed HueLife’s Prevention Leaders Cohort 3. She is a Certified Prevention Specialist from Pennyroyal Center in Kentucky, where she works as a substance misuse and suicide prevention specialist. She also works as a Kentucky Moms M.A.T.R. Educator. 

"I believe that by offering compassion, and being non-judgmental to all people, in all situations, we can have the greatest impact.” -Tameika Thomas

By being transparent about her mental health journey, Tameika illustrates how mental health challenges and trauma impacts can increase the risk for substance use disorders and suicidality if protective factors are not in place. Her lived experiences have made her extremely passionate about helping others not experience the same hurdles she had. Her life journey has taught her that our perceptions of others are not always the reality of the situation. However, we can enlighten ourselves and create a better world when we approach others through compassion and understanding. These life lessons help guide her approach in everything she does.

Tameika educates about how to protect and maintain mental health. She works to encourage everyone to prioritize mental health the way we do physical health. One thing Tameika would like people to consider as they set out to make community-level change happen is that destigmatizing mental health is everyone’s business. You do not have to be a mental health professional to make change happen. However, this type of change has to be intentional and systematic. We must prioritize the mental health of EVERY person.

Read Tameika's Reflection
Hear her powerful story regarding her journey out of trauma and call for others to end the stigma of traumatized people so that they can get the help they need

HueLife Program Promo

PLC-V Launching Spring 2023

When a cohort of like-minded people join a learning journey for personal and professional growth, they form a bond, build confidence, and expand their leadership capacity. This 15-month virtual program is structured around the Strategic Prevention Framework Model, where each quarter provides a personal development component and facilitation tools that will further your ability to enhance the community engagement work necessary for a healthy and high-performing coalition.


This learning journey is for anyone who works with multiple sectors of people and wants to develop as a collaborative leader. Bonus: You will hang out with cool people from multiple states. Class size is limited, so reserve your seat today!

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HueLife Updates

HueLife offers a FREE half-day Action Planning Session for six nonprofit organizations, civic groups, community partners, and/or informal groups seeking facilitation support to advance their mission through participatory and inclusive processes.


Unlike strategic planning, the Action Planning Process is a foundational Technology of Participation (ToP) method that enables you to help a group rapidly pull together an effective plan, organize needed resources and mobilize individuals’ energy into action. A group will: 

  • Visualize a successful result 
  • Analyze their current reality 
  • Create a practical plan including a timeline of actions 
  • Maximize a group’s commitment and involvement


Help us spread the word to organizations you know or are a part of!

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Using graphics and visuals with facilitation and training adds a powerful and fun dynamic to your sessions! This highly interactive course will take you from stick figures and basic shapes to colorful, engaging, and memorable graphics one step at a time. No artistic skill is needed to participate!

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Mission Update

Thank you!

Since the beginning of the war, our partners in Ukraine have been able to provide immediate relief, help with evacuations and transportation, and deliver aid to hard-to-reach and recently liberated areas of Ukraine. This was only possible because of the tremendous response from people in our community!

Special thanks to Sarah Bierstedt, a full-time maker based in northern Iowa. Sarah specializes in repurposing vintage textiles and discarded wool sweaters into various beautiful products. She has been sewing for 35 years and takes pride in using her skills to create items that evoke nostalgia and happiness.

When Sarah heard about our Mothers Sewing Uniforms, she immediately responded by signing up to champion the fundraising effort. Sarah raised $715 to provide supplies and materials and cover operational costs for the project.


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