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A Night of Cool Jazz

On May 24th, Juli Ennis, Colby Ellis and Jason Albaum of Project Playback hosted a n evening jazz performance, "A Night of Cool Jazzæ, featuring local high school musicians to help support Project Playback and A Place To Start, two local organizations dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with Alzheimer's and dementia.
We want to send a huge Thank you to Project Playback for their generosity and for including us in their fundraising efforts. These young adults have made a large impact in our community and we couldn't be more proud and grateful for them and all that they do!!!!!

Thank you!

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~ Reminders ~
Center for Wildlife presents Nature's Nightshift: Nocturnal Animals
September 12th at 1pm
We will welcome the public, but please RSVP.

A wonderful introduction to Maine’s creatures of the night. How does a bat find thousands of tiny mosquitoes in the dark? Why would an opossum choose to lumber around at night? How does a porcupine defend himself against a predator? How can an owl see its way through the forest? Wild animals continue their hard work, even as we sleep. Using live animals and hands-on materials we will answer these questions and find out how nocturnal mammals utilize all of their senses to find food and shelter at night. Our beautiful live non-releasable animal ambassadors will also demonstrate some unique adaptations these animals have to be observed up close.