June 7, 2018
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The FOSCL Spotlight proudly shines on the Irmo Friends group of the Lexington County Library system who hosts and 5th annual murder mystery dinner theater. This is a popular and fun event for the community and a wonderfully creative way the Irmo group to engages the community and introduces the group to patrons and non-library goers who don't know about the Irmo Friends and what they do for the library. If you're looking for something fun and different for you library, this could be it! For more information on how the Irmo Friends made this such a success, contact their president, Barbara Streeter at friends.irmobranchlibrary@gmail.com And click here to see the link to a flyer for the event!

Held at the new Five Forks Library in Simpsonville, SC , the FOSCL annual meeting was well attended and productive. Outgoing president, Elaine Kjellquist opened the meeting, and president of the Dell Webb LIbrary, Doreen Grant shared the inspiring story of her friends group partnering with local businesses. Inspiring speakers shared ideas and and success stories behind the Del Webb Friends group's partnership with local businesses and the Friends of the York County Library's book Store. Virginia Alexander Cononie followed up with a South Carolina Librarians Association advocacy talk and award winning author, Susan Boyer, closed out the morning session with a lively discussion on books her her love for libraries.
Lunch and tours of the new Five Forks facility were followed by the business meeting, which opened with good news. FOSCL is growing and is financially healthy. We want to continue to grow, and we are committed to finding ways to help your local friends group thrive. Awards were given out and outgoing president, Elaine Klellquist installed her successor, Marlena White.
For a full account of the day’s activities, click here to check out Sarah McMaster’s article for the American Library Association.
Pictured with Sharon Purvis, recipient of the Outstanding Individual Award are Charlotte Johnston, left, and Elaine Kjellquist, right.
Senator Vincent Sheheen
received the Outstanding Elected Official Award.
Eric Robinson, Library Director- - Thank you FOSCL for your generous grant to the Fairfield County Library. Your support has allowed us to apply for and obtain, 501(c)(3) status. We look forward to now having the opportunity to subsidize funding for our children and adult programming through grants that were previously unattainable.

The Friends of South Carolina Libraries offers grants up to $250 for support of library Friends groups in South Carolina. Grant funds may be used for expenses related to the formation of a group, obtaining 501c3 status, annual or business meetings, technology needs or programming sponsored by the Friends group. Applicants must be a current member of FOSCL. Click the link below for application and instructions. 
Hi, I'm Marlena White. After serving on the Friends of South Carolina Libraries Board since 2015, it was my honor to accept the President position this April.   I have been the part-time Director of a Library Friends group in Lexington County, South Carolina for 14 years. The library was the backdrop for many of my childhood memories, starting with my goal of reading every Nancy Drew book on the shelf, in order of course!  I love that my career is to support these places of education, enrichment and entertainment so that they can be enjoyed by everyone.  Volunteering with FOSCL is a wonderful way to use my passion and talent and I look forward to continuing the amazing work done by Elaine Kjellquist during her 3-year term.  Thank you for this opportunity to make some new Friends!

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Kudos again to the Irmo friends for sharing their mystery theater! Do you have an event or program your friends group has done that really hit it out of the park? We'd love to hear about it. Email us.

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