James 5:16 “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much.” Please take time out of your busy schedule to pray earnestly for this mission and the Roma that many of them will be "rescued from the power of the darkness of this world and transformed into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son in Whom we have forgiveness of sins.”
 Colossians 1:13-14
This craft project is a one of our mission ministries to share the Gospel with the Roma people who are precious in the sight of God.

T he Roma ladies of this village have learned to do embroidery and crocheting, as well as how to weave on a traditional wooden hand loom. Many of them also now know how to use sewing machines to stitch the handbags that they make.

These women want to work, and we pay a fair wage so they can help support their families, which means that when you donate money or buy the crafts you are making it possible for them to earn money instead of going out to beg!
These are the Roma craft ladies with Margaret Biddulph (3rd from rt.)
The handbags and other crafts are made from vintage material woven on traditional wooden hand looms by Romanian families during the Communist era, 1942-1989. The Roma ladies embroider original designs and sew the bags.
Rheta has recently been released from prison and she has come out in victory! Her face is shining and in the Bible Study she said that it was in prison she learned to sing!  In the craft project she has been taught by Violeta to weave material for cushion covers on our handloom. This has meant that Rheta has been able to earn a little extra money and she will be able to continue earning as she works with the crafts. She and another woman have made an impression on the ladies as the group listened seriously to the talk about a “transformed life in Christ”! Rheta's life is being transformed by the salvation that Jesus offers to all who will come to Him.
Aurica is a lovely Roma Christian who is in the craft project and Bible Study and also sings almost every Sunday in her village church. She has a wonderful testimony regarding her salvation and the transformation from darkness to the light of Jesus Christ.

Aurica is severely disabled as a result of an injection with an unsanitary needle during the Communist regime when hospitals did not have proper supplies. Her leg is bent at the knee at a 20-degree angle, making walking difficult and extremely painful for her. We have been helping to pay some of her medical expenses. This money comes from our Compassion Fund, and now this fund will be available for other women and their families.

There are many other women and children who have medical needs that are waiting to be met. Some require financial assistance for medicine, injections, or surgery.
Benefit for the Craft Project
Carole Rainbird (rt.), from England, was our speaker for the Afternoon Tea in August. She is with Nancy Swihart and Barbara Craft who donated an antique box containing her mother's buttons for the Roma ladies crafts!

"We are grateful for all of the planning, preparation and presentation of the Tea for the Craft Project of Friends of the Gypsy Roma. It is humbling and moving to hear from the women how they use the income from their crafts. Most often it is spent for something like shoes or school supplies for their children. 

Carole Rainbird’s presentation brought a personal touch to the physical and spiritual needs of these women. Our desire is that you will personalize your prayer support for them and their children.

You will recall that the board created a new account, the Compassion Fund , to assist the women and children with medical issues. This fund relies totally on the willingness of donors to contribute specifically to this account."
"As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all, especially unto them who are of the household of faith." Galatians 6:10 KJV
I f you would like to donate to the Compassion Fund please note it on the memo line of your check and send to the address at the bottom of the email .
Friends of the Gypsy Roma is an interdenominational ministry and is incorporated in the state of Kansas and registered as a non-profit by the IRS. We have made it a practice to return fully 95% of donations back into the ministry!
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