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  • Special Note: November 17 - CARB Off-Road Diesel Regulation Hearing Adoption Hearing
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Grants Accepting Applications
Sac Metro Air District Grant Program Now Open
  • $20M in Funding available - open until funds are full awarded
  • On-road, Off-road & Infrastructure Project Proposals Welcome
  • Applicants with a complete project proposal including a completed Payee Data Record form, usage and ownership documents, detailed price quotes, equipment photos, and other requirements are encouraged to apply.
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PEV DAC Call For Projects
The Plug-in Electric Vehicle Collaborative’s Disadvantaged Communities Committee (PEV DAC) has published a grant application template and called for regional projects to be submitted. The template contains:
  • The 7 criteria that must be met, information about the applicant and project site
  • Additional information is also available to assist applicants:
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VW Mitigation Fund ZEV Transit, School & Shuttle Bus Funding
  • $130M Opened on 10/31/22 at 2pm
  • Funding awarded on a first-come, first-served basis
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Hydrogen Fueling Solutions
CEC GFO 22-502 - Due November 18
  • Purpose of this solicitation is to develop and demonstrate innovative hydrogen refueling solutions
  • Reduce hydrogen delivery and refueling costs
  • Improve reliability, enable higher fill rates, and minimize energy losses
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CARB Soliciting Administrator for the Advanced Technology Demonstration and Projects
  • Applications due by December 16
  • Intended to move technologies from demonstration to commercial 
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Upcoming Workshops
CARB Regulatory Webinar Training
  • December 1 - Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Operation & Maintenance
  • December 8 - Air Regulatory Overview for Public Schools in California
  • November 16 - In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation
  • December 14 - Compliance Overview: Truck & Bus, Portable Equipment Rules
  • December 15 - CARB Smog Check for Heavy Trucks
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GREET 2022 Training Workshop
November 7 & 8 - Argonne National Lab
  • Workshop will introduce recent expansions, updates, and new modeling capabilities
  • energy and environmental impacts of transportation fuels, transportation subsectors, chemicals, materials, agricultural decarbonization
Download updated GREET 2022 Model Here
Register for GREET 2022 Workshop Here
MD & HD & Ride-Hailing Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Analysis
November 9
  • EV Infrastructure Load, Operations, and Deployment (HEVI-LOAD)
  • Infrastructure for Ride-Hailing EV Deployment (WIRED) modeling analyses
  • Inputs, assumptions, and solicit stakeholder feedback 
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CEC Workshop Appliance Standards for RFQ-22-401
November 10
  • Developing, updating, and maintaining regulatory standards for flexible demand features and technologies in consumer and commercial appliances
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Proposed In-Use Locomotive Regulation
November 17 - Virtual
  • The Governor’s Executive Order N-79-20 calls for 100 percent of off-road vehicles and equipment operations to be zero-emission by 2035.
  • The goal of this proposed regulation is to accelerate immediate adoption of advanced cleaner technologies for all locomotive operations.
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New Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
CARB Off-Road Diesel Regulation Adoption Hearing
November 17 - Virtual & In-Person
  • Current regulations require fleet average emissions to be reduced
  • This regulation will mandate elimination of the older off-road vehicles 
Hazardous Materials Transportation Certification Training (HAZMAT)
December 15
  • General Awareness/Familiarization Training
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Safety Training
  • Function Specific Training - Drivers
  • Sponsored by California Trucking Association (Member: $149, Non-Member $199)
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
City of Roseville - Fleet Manager Position Open
  • Position Title - “Public Works Manager Fleet Services Division”
  • Directs the maintenance, schedule, work order programs, including asset management, and preventative maintenance
  • Salary Range: $109,913–$147,294
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GM Delaying EV Production
GM is finding it hard to get batteries for their proposed EV production, and has announced that it will delay the introduction of many of the EV models because of the battery shortage.
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Clipper Creek Charging Tool
Clipper Creek has created a simple tool to use to help you determine the ideal charging station based on your vehicle’s make and model. 
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CNGVC Suggestions for the ACF
The California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition (CNGVC) has expressed concerns about the upcoming Advanced Clean Fleet Regulation (ACF) and has made three specific recommendations that would accomplish the goals of the ACF with what they consider to be less of an economic disruption. Other industry organizations have also provided similar recommendations including the California Trucking Association and the Diesel Technology Forum. The three specific recommendations made by the CNGVC are:
  • Pull Forward the 2027 Engine Emission Standard;
  • Develop a Definition for “Commercially Available” that Includes Consumer Protections, Objective Criteria, and an Independent Technology Evaluation; and
  • Credit Early Adopters and Renewable Fuels Generators and Users.
Read the California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition Concerns Here
Alternative Fuel Insight
Battery Metals Price Increases
The growing cost of battery metals has led to a significant increase in EV prices according to a study by S&P Global Mobility Auto Supply Chain & Technology Group. China’s “Belt and Road” initiative has captured a major portion of the world’s supplies in China, Africa and Southeast Asia. 
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Taco Bell EVSE Commitment
Taco Bell is planning to install DCFC at 100 Taco Bell restaurants using ChargeNet Stations.
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Nissan Leaf's New Life
The battery pack and motor of a used Nissan Leaf mated to the transmission and drivetrain of a used Nissan pickup truck makes for a neat EV conversion.
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Fire Protection Market Demand for EVs
IDTech has developed a report on the growing market for fire safety technologies for electric vehicles, which will involve increased markets for ceramics, aerogels and other materials. 
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Cargill Tests Biofuels and Methanol to Power Their Ships
Cargill, one of the largest operators of oceangoing vessels, is planning to increase their use of biofuels in their ships from 12,000 tonnes to 50,000 tonnes. They are also planning to begin piloting the use of methanol to power their ships. 
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LCFS Renewable Fuel Pathways
California Average Grid Electricity Carbon Intensity: California average grid electricity used as a transportation fuel in California: 76.73gCO2e/MJ.
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Low Carbon Fuel Credits-$63.50
Recent Carbon Intensity (CI) Fuels Certified by CARB
Conferences and Programs
Fleet Forward Conference
November 9 - 11
Santa Clara
  • Fleet solutions on electrification, Connected vehicles, Autonomous technology, Last-mile mobility, Shared mobility, Next-generation telematics
  • Expanded Ride and Drive
Read more Here
Clean Buses in the US
November 9 & 10
San Francisco
  • Transitioning to zero-emission buses: Strategies, policies, case studies, and best practices
  • Infrastructure: EV and Hydrogen
  • Transit agency and utility partnerships
  • Financing zero-emission buses
  • Much, much more
Read more Here
FORTH Roadmap Conference
May 15 - 17, 2023
  • Leading developments, best practices, and the future of electric, shared, and smart mobility. 
  • Four conference tracks, Vehicles, Charging, Impact and Cutting Edge
EVS36 "Driving the Transition to E-Mobility"
June 11 - 14, 2023 - Sacramento Convention Center
  • Annual international gathering of the world’s EV experts
  • Cutting-edge research 
  • Innovative technologies
  • EV Market developments
Read more about EVS36 Here
  • EVS36 Call for papers covering:
  • Research
  • Market and government programs
  • Activities across all fields related to hybrid, battery & fuel cell technologies
  • EV infrastructure and services.
Read more about submitting papers Here
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