Upcoming Clean Cities Webinars
Coast-to-Coast EV
June 27, California Automobile Museum Sacramento 
  • 10a - 2p: “Lunch & Learn” - Ford 2022/23 BEV and HEV Fleet Programs
  • Presentations: Funding, Infrastructure, Transition Planning 
  • Displays: Lightning, eTransit, MachE, Explorer “Police Interceptor/Utility”
  • Registration Required (see below)
  • 2pm - 5pm: 
  • Light-duty Battery Electric EV Technician Training
  • Registration Required (see below)
  • 5pm - 7pm: 
  • Celebrate the Ford Electric MachE Arrival - 5,350 mile Transcontinental Trip!
  • Special Guest Speakers
  • Incentives, EV Updates, Sacramento’s EV Implementation & Innovation
  • Displays: ZEVs from Ford, Tesla, Chevy, VW, BMW, Hyundai
  • Registration NOT required - everyone is welcome
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Battery Electric Trucks from Mack and Volvo
July 27, UTI Sacramento Campus
4100 Duckhorn Dr, Sacramento, CA 95834-2588
  • 9:00: Arrival, Registration, Networking
  • 9:30 Welcome, Introductions, Event Agenda
  • 10:00 Mack Refuse Truck Presentation
  • 11:00 Mack Refuse Truck Ride & Drive
  • 12:00 Lunch & Networking
  • 1:00 Volvo Truck Tractor Presentation
  • 2:00 Volvo Truck Tractor Ride & Drive
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Presentation Slides and Videos from Previous Sacramento Clean Cities Webinars
Presentation Slides and Recording posted Here
Grant Opportunities
SMUD "Shine Awards" for Incorporated Nonprofit Organizations
  • Spark Level - up to $10K with 25% Match Required
  • Amplifier Level - $10K - $50K with 50% Match Required
  • Transformer level - $50K - $100K with 100% Match Required
  • Applications may be submitted up to August 12 at 5pm
  • Application workshops have been scheduled 
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PEV DAC Call for Projects
The Plug-in Electric Vehicle Collaborative’s Disadvantaged Communities Committee (PEV DAC) has published a grant application template and called for regional projects to be submitted. The template contains:
  • The 7 criteria that must be met, information about the applicant and project site
  • Additional information is also available to assist applicants:
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EnergIIZE $8.1M Funding for MD/HD Hydrogen Infrastructure
CALSTART is operating the CEC-funded EnergIIZE program. Applications accepted from 9am on June 30 to 5pm on July 14. 
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US DOE $59M Biofuels Program
The US DOE has announced a $59M program to accelerate the production of biofuels and bioproducts to reduce emissions in hard-to-decarbonize sectors and create good-paying jobs in rural America. 
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Workshops for Upcoming Grants
CEC California Electric Homes Program Workshop
6/28/22 - 10am
  • GFO 21-403
  • CEC is seeking a third-party administrator to design, implement and provide technical assistance for an incentive program to distribute up to $58M in incentives for all-electric buildings and energy storage systems in new residential market-rate construction
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New Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
CEC Workshop to Discuss Zero- and Near-Zero-Carbon Fuel Production and Supply Funding Concepts
7/14/22, 10am
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The DOE is Hiring
The DOE is Hiring: The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Vehicle Technologies Office is looking to fill positions across a broad spectrum of technology programs.
  • Energy storage
  • Power electronics
  • Propulsion subsystems and electric machines
  • Advanced engines
  • Lightweight and other advanced materials
  • Heavy-duty vehicle systems
  • Mobility systems
  • Advanced and alternative fuels    
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Upcoming SMUD-Sponsored Electric Vehicle Ride & Drives
  • June 25, 10 to 4: The Center at District 56
  • Juy 23 & 24, 10 to 3: Arden Fair Mall
  • August 13, 10 to 2: McClatchy Park
  • October 9, Times TBA: Littleton Center in Galt
  • October 14/15/16, Times TBA:: Cal Expo
  • Other events may be scheduled
For more information or to volunteer to assist contact Jenny Matchell
Volvo Trucks Introduces Fuel Cell Class 8
Volvo Trucks has unveiled the ZEV Fuel Cell Class 8 Truck with a 600 mile range and 15 minute refueling. The Volvo fuel cell technology is part of a joint venture with Daimler.
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Alternative Fuel Insight
Fulcrum BioEnergy Turns Trash to Fuel
Fulcrum BioEnergy, located 20 miles east of Reno will process 175,000 tons of trash into 11 million gallons of synthetic crude oil that will be processed by Marathon Petroleum into transportation fuel.
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Tesla Price Hikes
Tesla has raised the price of the Model Y, Model X and the Model S. The Model 3 prices have not changed from the March, 2022 level. 
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Excess Idling is Expensive, Wastes Fuel, Create Excess Emissions and Engine Wear
  • IDLEFREE driver training 
  • Drivers become enthusiastic idle reduction participants
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Sesame Solar Portable Off-Grid EVSE and Hydrogen System
Sesame Solar has developed a trailer unit with solar panels and hydrogen electrolyzers that can be towed to an off-grid location where it can charge BEVs or fuel FCVs.
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2023 Leaf $29K
The “Refreshed” 2023 Nissan Leaf has a base model starting price of $28,895 with 149 miles of range. The Leaf SV Plus has a range of 212 miles.
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LCFS Renewable Fuel Pathways
California Average Grid Electricity Carbon Intensity: California average grid electricity used as a transportation fuel in California: 76.73gCO2e/MJ.
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Low Carbon Fuel Credits
Conferences and Programs
FORTH's 2022 Roadmap Conference
June 29 & 30, FORTH’s 2022 “Roadmap Conference” 
  • Held this year at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Agenda and Registration information coming soon. 
  • Sacramento Clean Cities Stakeholder will receive a $50 discount when using Discount Code SACRAMENTOCC.
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Mobilize California Summit
July 21 - 23, Mobilize California Summit
  • Fleet modernization
  • Alternative fuels
  • Workforce training
  • South Coast Winery Resort & Spa in Temecula
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Green Transportation Summit & Expo 2022
August 16 - 18, Green Transportation Summit & Expo 2022: 
The 2022 Green Transportation Summit & Expo (GTSE) will offer attendees an inside look at the latest in fleet technologies and innovation and provide informative sessions featuring a who’s who of national and regional transportation leaders.
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Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference and Expo
August 30 - September 1, Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference & Expo in Durham, NC
  • Produced by the 100 Best Fleets and NAFA Fleet Management Association;
  • Case studies from the best fleets, vendors, & partners;
  • Presentations on the most up to date sustainable fleet technology, operations, and implementation strategies.
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