Upcoming Clean Cities Webinars
Zero-Emission Commercial Lawn Maintenance
April 19, 12 noon
  • Mean Green Presents Battery-electric Riding and Walk-behind
  • Commercial Mowing Equipment
Registration NOT required - Join 3/15/22 at Noon at this LINK
Sustainable Facilities Forum
May 25, Sustainable Facilities Forum, Sacramento, CA Hyatt Regency 
Powering the ZEV Transition: What Fleet and Facility Managers Need to Know
  • Fleets are transitioning to electric over the next 10 years. 
  • Fleet managers need to be working on their transition plans, which include charging stations at
  • This session will start at the parking lot and work backward to help you plan and prepare for charging stations through intelligent design, building energy efficiency, and leveraging incentives and grants. 
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Sacramento Clean Cities Stakeholders Named in NAFA's "100 Best Fleets"
Three Sacramento Clean Cities Stakeholders were included in the National Association of Fleet Administrators’ “100 Best Fleets”: Sacramento County, UC Davis and City of Fairfield.
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Presentation Slides and Videos from Previous Sacramento Clean Cities Webinars
Presentation Slides and Recording posted Here
Grant Opportunities
EPA School Bus Funding
EPA anticipates it will begin accepting applications for Clean School Bus Rebates in late April 2022. While preparing to apply for this program and other future funding opportunities, please keep in mind the following steps:
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HVIP Remains Open
The HVIP Program is still open and processing vouchers, and has added a summary report of funds available by category.
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Grant Solicitation Electric Bike Incentive Project (EBIP) Workshop (Virtual)
April 20, 1pm
  • Grant solicitation is now open through May 11
  • Eligible Applicants Include: air districts, California public entities, California non-profit organizations
  • Program Goal: Encourage adoption of electric bicycles by low income individuals to replace vehicle trips
  • A portion of the funds will support the development and administration of a virtual bike safety class
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Workshop Info Here
Feather River AQMD Opens Community Air Protection Grants Program
The Feather River Air District is now accepting applications for their Community Air Protection Program. Eligible projects include:
  • Replacement of diesel fueled on-road trucks with zero-emission trucks
  • Replacement of school buses
  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  • Replacement of diesel emergency generators with cleaner diesel or low/zero emission technology
  • Zero emission lawn and garden equipment used at schools
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Clean Energy Fuels Joins Chevron Offering Natural Gas Truck Incentives
Clean Energy Fuels and Chevron have joined to offer vehicle purchase grants of $20K to $50K and up to $1.00 per diesel gallon equivalent off the posted fuel price. 
For more information Contact: John Marlow John.Marlow@cleanenergyfuels.com
PG&E's Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Incentives
PG&E’s Rule 29 will pay for and coordinate the design and deployment of service extensions from PG&E’s electrical distribution line facilities to the service delivery point for separately metered electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. PG&E’s Rule 15 provides incentives to commercial, industrial, and multi-family customers but does not apply to single-family homes.
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Empower Procurement Offers Free Building Decarbonization & Fleet Electrification Technical Support
Empower Procurement has a CEC grant to assist public agencies and transit agencies:
  • Assess building & fleet electrification and charger needs
  • Outline potential carbon and cost savings
  • Determine the incentives and grants you qualify for
  • Craft the specifications or justification language you’ll need for procurement
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President Biden Pushes Renewable Fuels Funding
In addition to allowing E15 in summer gasoline, the Administration is advancing other steps to fund biofuels including:
  • $700 Million for Biofuels Producer;
  • $5.6 million to significantly increase the use of higher blends of ethanol and biodiesel;
  • $100 Million for Biofuels Infrastructure;
  • A Sustainable Aviation Fuel Challenge to increase production of sustainable aviation fuels ;
  • Funding opportunities to support sustainable aviation fuel projects totaling up to $4.3 billion;
  • Expanding Use of Canola Oil for other forms of fuel, such as diesel and jet fuel. 
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New Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
CARB Announces Regulations to Achieve 100% ZEV Sales by 2035

MEMA President Speaking at Fleet Management Conferences
David Renschler, Fleet Division Manager at the City of Fairfield, President of the Municipal Equipment Maintenance Association and Stakeholder in the Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition will be a featured speaker at several fleet conferences in 2022 including:
  • Government Fleet Expo, May 23 - 26 in Detroit Link
  • Mobilize California Summit, July 21 - 23 in Temecula Link
  • Fleet Forward, November 9 - 11, Santa Clara Link
CARB Meeting on the Incentives Program Advisory Group
April 20, 4pm
  • Moyer Program Incentives
  • Support for small fleets
  • Improving the environmental justice of the Moyer Program
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CARB Updates to Moyer Guidelines
CARB has increased flexibility and expanded opportunities in the Moyer Program.
  • Increased baseline model year eligibility to include engines that are 6 years or older 
  • Increased Flexibility for Required Minimum Annual Usage
  • Decreased the amount of necessary inspections, 
  • Increased Flexibility on Dealership and Dismantler Requirements
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CARB Work Group on Clean Mobility Investment Projects
April 19, 9am
CARB will hold the second public meeting on the 2022-2023 Clean Mobility Investment Projects Plan, and provide an update on the three year plan for transportation equity projects.
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CARB Workshop on Crude Oil Carbon Intensity
April 26, 9am
CARB will hold a public workshop on proposed updates to the carbon intensity values for crude Oil.
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CEC Workshop on the California Planning Library
April 27, 1pm
The CEC will hold a workshop to present the proposed scope and timeline for the implementation of the California Planning Library to centrally locate and make readily accessible the various energy planning tools developed by the CEC and widely used by stakeholders.
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CARB Board Hears Update on Assembly Bill (AB) 617
May 19, 4pm: 
The Board will hear an informational item about the update of the AB 617 Community Air Protection Program Statewide Strategy through a representative panel of the AB 617 Consultation Group (Consultation Group) and a staff presentation.
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Volvo VNR BEV Tractors Ordered by Maersk
Shipping giant Maersk is currently using several Battery Electric Volvo VNR Truck Tractors in the ports in LA, and has ordered more, bringing their fleet of BEV Volvo VNRs to 126.
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Lightning Certifies to Tow 10,000lbs
Ford has certified the F150 Lightning to tow 10,000 lb.after summer testing at 118o F in the Mojave Desert and winter testing at 0o F in Colorado and Alaska. 
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Lightning & Motiv Step Van Performance Studied by NACFE
The North American Council on Freight Efficiency (NACFE) studied the operation of the Lighting HD350 with DHL, and the Motiv EPIC 6 with Purolator. They also studied the Workhorse C1000 with Servall Electric. 
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NGVi Cummins INSITE Training
NGVi is offering live virtual INSITE and Quickserve Online training including:
  • Cummins INSITE electronic tool
  • Functionality and theory of J1939 datalinks
  • Identify and access fault code troubleshooting information
  • Engine and component calibration and system reset procedures
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Alternative Fuel Insight
Suncor Energy Moves from Wind/Solar to Hydrogen/Renewable Fuels
Suncor Energy, Canada’s largest oil sands petroleum company is divesting its investments in wind and solar in favor of focusing future efforts on renewable fuels and hydrogen. 
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GTI Studying Hydrogen for Commercial Buildings & Industrial Applications
The Gas Technology Institute (GTI), has been awarded $1.7M by the CEC to fund a technical study to identify the impact of the potential use of hydrogen and hydrogen-natural gas blends on existing appliances as a potential decarbonization strategy for large commercial buildings and the industrial sector. 
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Green Hydrogen for $1.50/kg
Hysta, an Australian electrolyzer company, is commercializing a “capillary-fed electrolysis cell” technology invented by scientists at the University of Wollongong, New South Wales, that can produce green hydrogen from water at 95% system efficiency at an anticipated cost of $1.50/kg, (uncompressed/unliquefied) at the gate.
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Chase Installing EVgo Chargers
Chase is installing EVgo DCFC at 50 branch locations in six states. Some of the sites will partially power the chargers using solar installations. They plan to have the installations completed by the end of Q2, 2023.
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Porsche Invests in Synthetic Fuel Production
Porsche has invested $75M, joining Siemens and ExxonMobile building a synthetic fuel production facility in Punta Arenas, Chile, that will begin production this year. Using wind energy to electrolyze water for hydrogen and pull CO2 from the atmosphere, the plant will produce “drop in” fuels including gasoline, aviation and marine fuels. In a related article (Here) Porsche claims the well-to-wheels CO2 from vehicles using these synthetic fuels will be lower than EVs when vehicle production emissions are included.
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Electricity Prices Spiking
The cost of electricity is rising rapidly around the US, but California’s rates are rising faster than 47 other states, behind only Hawaii and Massachusetts. 
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Taotao Group Challenge to Clean Air Act Denied
Taotao USA, a Chinese OEM that imports motorcycles and recreational vehicles has lost their court appeal of an EPA ruling that their catalytic converters do not meet the minimum US standards.  
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LCFS Renewable Fuel Pathways
California Average Grid Electricity Carbon Intensity: California average grid electricity used as a transportation fuel in California: 76.73gCO2e/MJ.
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Current Pathways
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Low Carbon Fuel Credits
Conferences and Programs
Renewable Natural Gas Conference Policy Forum and Networking Event
Renewable Natural Gas Conference Policy Forum & Networking Event - May 17 - 19, Le Méridien Hotel, Houston, Texas
  • RNG Policy Forums;
  • Live updates from RNG Coalition staff regarding State Policy advocacy and Public Education efforts;
  • Virtual updates from key Congressional Offices in the US House and Senate and the US EPA.
Read More Here
Sustainable Facilities Forum
May 25, Sustainable Facilities Forum, Sacramento Hyatt Regency 
  • California’s sustainability goals for building decarbonization & CALGreen Updates
  • Building & Fleet Electrification and Infrastructure 
  • Drought and Water Conservation
  • Funding Resources ∙ K12 Facility Case Studies ∙ Resiliency and more!
  • New innovations and technologies
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Hydrogen Conference
June 6 & 7, Hydrogen Conference
The California Hydrogen Leadership Summit will bring leaders in energy, transportation, academia and government to review the role hydrogen will play in implementing climate change, air quality, energy diversity and conservation policies. The Summit is co-sponsored by the Sac Metro Air District, and will be held on June 6 &7 at the Sheraton Hotel in Sacramento.
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FORTH's 2022 Roadmap Conference
June 29 & 30, FORTH’s 2022 “Roadmap Conference” 
  • Held this year at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Agenda and Registration information coming soon. 
  • Sacramento Clean Cities Stakeholder will receive a $50 discount when using Discount Code SACRAMENTOCC.
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Mobilize California Summit
July 21 - 23, Mobilize California Summit
  • Fleet modernization
  • Alternative fuels
  • Workforce training
  • South Coast Winery Resort & Spa in Temecula
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Green Transportation Summit & Expo 2022
August 16 - 18, Green Transportation Summit & Expo 2022: 
The 2022 Green Transportation Summit & Expo (GTSE) will offer attendees an inside look at the latest in fleet technologies and innovation and provide informative sessions featuring a who’s who of national and regional transportation leaders.
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Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference and Expo
August 30 - September 1, Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference & Expo in Durham, NC
  • Produced by the 100 Best Fleets and NAFA Fleet Management Association;
  • Case studies from the best fleets, vendors, & partners;
  • Presentations on the most up to date sustainable fleet technology, operations, and implementation strategies.
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